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Shirley Thomas (athlete) In 1981, at the European Junior Championships in Utrecht, Thomas won a silver medal in the 100 metres behind the GDR's Kathrin Bohme, running a wind-assisted 11.43 secs. She also finished sixth in the 200 m final.
Phineas Clanton On October 15, 1902, at age 58, Clanton married 44-year-old Laura Jane (née Neal) Bound (or Bohme) in Globe, Arizona. She had a 12-year-old son from her first marriage to William Jackson.
Phineas Clanton His widow Laura Jane did wash at the mining company's guest house and took in boarders. Sixteen-year-old Will found work for a freight company driving mule teams that hauled ore from the Continental Mine to the Old Dominion. The wagon tracks are still visible in the rocks west of the Bohme Ranch on Webster Gulch. Every payday, Will bought another cow. He and Jane ran cattle on the range subsequently designated the Bohme Allotment by the U.S. Forest Service. Four years later Laura married Phin’s friend and business associate Pete Spence.
The Collector (2005 film) The "collector" of the title is Lucjan Bohme, a bailiff employed to collect debts for a court in the town of Wałbrzych. He carries out his job with ruthless efficiency until a meeting with a former girlfriend, now struggling to bring up her child, leads him to question his attitudes.
Kladovo transport On October 2, 1941, news came in, of an attack on the guerrilla units of the Army regiment in Topola where 21 soldiers were killed. Then Bohme ordered 2,100 prisoners to be shot. It instructed the 342. division of General Hinghofer with the execution and clarified on 10 October his ideas:
Middle Miocene disruption Madelaine Bohme observed the occurrence of Varanidae, Chameleon, Cordylidae, Tomistominae, Alligatoridae, and giant turtles which indicate survival through the Miocene Climatic Optimum (18 to 16 Ma) in Central Europe (45-42°N palaeolatitude). A major and permanent cooling step occurred between 14.8 and 14.1 Ma, associated with increased production of cold Antarctic deep waters and a major growth of the East Antarctic
Ihor Podolchak The artist's book "Jacob Bohme" was awarded as World's Best Book (Bronze Medal) by Stiftung Buchkunst Frankfurt am Main at Frankfurt Book Fair. One of his 24 personal exhibitions was the first art exhibition ever to be held in space, at space station Mir on January 25, 1993. Artworks of Podolchak can be found in 26 museums and public collections worldwide.
Phineas Clanton After his release, Phin and his friend Pete Spence began raising Angora goats on what is now the Bohme Allotment on Phin’s ranch in Globe, Arizona. In 1891, a Clifton newspaper mistakenly reported that Phin had been shot and killed by Ballard Peason at St. John.
Charles Massey Massey was born at Hackwood Park, Basingstoke. He was the first president of the British Theosophical Society and a founding member of the Society for Psychical Research in 1882. His father was William Nathaniel Massey. His main interest was Christian Theosophy, he was influenced by the writings of Jakob Bohme.
Other Losses While harsh treatment of prisoners occurred, no evidence exists that it was part of an organized systematic effort. Bohme concluded that Eisenhower and the U.S. Army had to improvise for months in taking care of the masses of prisoners to prevent a catastrophe: "In spite of all the misery that occurred behind the barbed wire, the catastrophe was prevented; the anticipated mass deaths did not happen."