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Boekbinder Boekbinder is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Kim Boekbinder On July 18, 2016, Kim launched a Kickstarter project for her album "Noisewitch".
Kim Boekbinder She has also been lauded for her collaborations with Brooklyn-based producer and turntablist King's County Lighthouse.
Kim Boekbinder A longtime proponent of direct-to-fan marketing and social media, Boekbinder gained publicity for her take on touring/show-booking via a Kickstarter campaign.
Kim Boekbinder Kim Boekbinder is a Canadian-born musician and artist.
Kim Boekbinder Boekbinder's second studio album, "The Sky is Calling" was co-produced by grammy-nominated engineer Joel Hamilton at Studio G in Brooklyn, NY. The album is described as an electro-gallactic space epic and features data-bent sounds of NASA data and a collaboration with astronomer Phil Plait.
Kim Boekbinder In 2014 Boekbinder began recording and releasing "Ephemeral Songs" on - each song was only available for a few weeks at a time.
Kim Boekbinder In early 2012 Kim Boekbinder launched "Mission Control" a fundraising platform to finance the development of her second full-length album. Fans subscribe to a private website where songs and writings of the next album are shared.
Kim Boekbinder Boekbinder currently resides in New York City. On July 16, 2014, she announced that she had been granted United States citizenship.
Kim Boekbinder Kim Boekbinder's first full-length solo album "The Impossible Girl" was produced by legendary Boston producer, Sean Slade, who discovered her when her former band Vermillion Lies opened for Amanda Palmer. The album was funded by a successful pre-order campaign which raised $20,000 in early 2010. The album was recorded at Mad Oak Studios in Allston, Massachusetts with engineer, Benny Grotto.