Top 10 similar words or synonyms for bodying

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for bodying

Article Example
Bedford OB The OB was sold in other Commonwealth countries, with Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation bodying many in Australia.
Marshall Bus In January 1992, it re-entered the bus bodying industry after purchasing the rights to the Duple Dartline from Carlyle Works,
Smithfield Bus & Coach Works Smithfield Bus & Coach Works was formed when Westbus proprietors Bob and John Bosnjak purchased the bus bodying designs and jigs of Commonwealth Engineering in 1971.
Custom Bus In 1998, Custom Coaches began bodying buses for the State Transit Authority after a break of over 37 years. By April 2013 over 1,280 had been bodied for the government operator.
Motor Body Specialists Motor Body Specialists commenced operations in 1964 bodying Bedford and Leyland. In January 1965, it signed a deal to distribute Commonwealth Engineering bodied buses in Queensland and northern New South Wales.
Alan B Denning Alan B Denning commenced operations supplying body kits for buses assembled in Asia, primarily on Mercedes-Benz chassis. In February 1995 it commenced bodying buses and coaches for Australian operators.
Coachmaster Coachmaster was founded in 1956, bodying 146 buses, primarily for New South Wales operators, until ceasing in 1972. It was majority owned by the Saint family, proprietors of Peakhurst Bus Company.
Denning (bus manufacturer) Denning commenced bodying buses in Brisbane in 1958. Denning's first integral bus (both chassis and body), the Monocoach, was launched in 1966. Along with the later Denair and Landseer it would become the dominant long distance coach in Australia.
Denning Manufacturing Denning Manufacturing was formed in 2004 taking over the plant of Alan B Denning. It manufacturers integral buses and coaches (chassis and body) as well as chassis for bodying by other manufacturers with Caterpillar or Cummins engines.
Motor Body Specialists By the mid-1980s the operation had been renamed Rogers and it was concentrating on bodying Isuzu and later Hino chassis."Motor Body Specialists" "Australian Bus Panorama" issue 5/5 March 1990 page 22 By 1990 341 chassis has been bodied.