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Kim Bodnia In 2001 he co-wrote and directed the short film "Escape - Flugten fra ensomheden" ("Escape - Flight from loneliness"). In early 2014 he directed readings of "The Tailor's Tale", a play based on his family's experience of life in Copenhagen under Nazi occupation, written by his cousin Alexander Bodin Saphir, and performed at the Scandinavia House–The Nordic Center in America in New York.
Kim Bodnia Kim Bodnia (born 12 April 1965) is a Dane () actor and an occasional writer and director, he is known internationally for his role as the police detective, "Martin Rohde", in the crime drama television series, "The Bridge". He is also known for playing the lead role in Nicolas Winding Refn's "Pusher".
Kim Bodnia Bodnia was born in Copenhagen and grew up in Espergærde. Coming from a Jewish familyoriginally from Poland and Russiawhen asked in 2011 about his religious beliefs, he said, "None, other than that I believe in nature".
Kim Bodnia Bodnia admitted that as a child he was not a particularly good student, describing himself as a "clown", and reluctant to study. His main interest was in athletics, particularly the 100 metres and the long jump, in which he was the Zealand youth champion for several years. Bodnia aspired to become a goalkeeper, but a foot injury prevented him from pursuing a career in professional football.
Kim Bodnia In his film debut "En Afgrund af frihed" ("An Abyss of Freedom") (1989) he played a small supporting role as a bouncer. One of his first roles after graduation in 1991 was as Patrick Bateman in a stage version of "American Psycho", and he was subsequently often typecast as violent, brutal characters. Bodnia's first leading role in a film was in "Bulldozer" (1993), directed by Maria Sødahl. His breakout role came a year later in Ole Bornedal's horror film "Nightwatch" (1994).
Kim Bodnia As a student at "Espergærde Ungdomsskole" Bodnia joined the theatre group, performing mainly in comic roles. When he was 16 his mother suggested he apply for a place at National Theatre School in Copenhagen. His first application failed, but he gained entry on his second attempt a year later in 1987.
Kim Bodnia Bodnia has appeared regularly on television, making his first appearance in the historical mini-series "Snapphanar" in 2006. He appeared in three episodes of the first season of the crime series The Killing (2007) (), and in two episodes of the comedy drama "Hvor fanden er Herning?" ("Where the hell is Herning?") (2009), before returning to crime series, appearing in episodes of the Swedish "Kommissarie Winter" (2010), "Den som dræber" ("Those Who Kill") (2011), and the German/Swedish "Der Kommissar und das Meer" ("The Inspector and the Sea") (2012).
Kim Bodnia Despite this success it was two years before his next film, Nicolas Winding Refn's "Pusher" (1996), and then Winding Refn's "Bleeder" (1999). He has since appeared in "Terribly Happy" (2008), and in three Lasse Spang Olsen films: "In China They Eat Dogs" (1999) and its sequel "Old Men in New Cars" (2002), and in "Den Gode Strømer" (2004), which he co-wrote with the director. Bodnia has also appeared in several Norwegian films, including "Himmelfall" (2002), "Monstertorsdag" (2004), and "Tomme Tønner" (2010). He appeared in the 2011 Indian English comedy film "Delhi Belly" playing a Russian smuggler. In 2014 he appeared as the eponymous interrogator "Rosewater", directed by Jon Stewart.
Kim Bodnia Bodnia played the Danish detective "Martin Rohde" in the first two series of the Nordic noir crime television programme "The Bridge" ("Broen|Bron") (2011–present). Created and written by Hans Rosenfeldt, it is a joint creative and financed production between Sweden's Sveriges Television and Denmark's DR. It has been shown in over 100 countries. Although Bodnia signed for the third series, he dropped out, reportedly unhappy with the development of his character. He also voiced concerns about working in Malmö due to the city's problems with antisemitism in an interview, which had made his decision to leave the series easier.
Kim Bodnia Bodnia has been married twice, first to actress Lotte Andersen, with whom he has a son, and currently to actress Rikke Louise Andersson, with whom he has three children, two sons and a daughter.