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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for blueriver

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Article Example
Lina Inverse In the science fiction themed "Lost Universe", Kanzaka's another media franchise, Lina and Gourry were mixed to create its male protagonist Kain Blueriver. Several different versions of Lina populate the "Slayers" world itself, due to various plots:
Atego (company) In 2010 Atego acquired BlueRiver, the maker of the X32 (now PTC X32plus) C/C++ IDE and in 2011 acquired the ApexAda (now PTC ApexAda) family of Ada compilers from IBM/Rational.
Gourry Gabriev Besides the main "Slayers" light novel series, some manga, and all of anime TV series, Gourry also appears as a playable character in all of the "Slayers" video games and in some other media such as the film "Slayers Premium". He is also featured in several assorted "Slayers" merchandise items such as figures, and has made guest appearances in non-"Slayers" video games "Heroes Phantasia", "La Tale", and "Granblue Fantasy". In the science fiction themed series "Lost Universe", "Slayers" creator Hajime Kanzaka's another media franchise, Lina and Gourry were mixed to create its male protagonist Kain Blueriver, complete with its version of the Sword of Light, called Psi-Blade.
Lost Universe In "Slayers", it was mentioned that the main characters of that series live on a world that is one of the four created by the mother of all creation, called the Lord of Nightmares. This world was known as the Red World. "Lost Universe", however, takes place in a different world, known as the Black World. Whereas the demi-gods of the various worlds such as Ruby-Eye Shabranigdo and Dark Star Dugradigdo had physical presence in that world, they appear in the Black World as "Lost Ships", intelligent space ships of unknown origin that have powerful or somewhat divine powers with more advanced technology than any other device in the universe. Their rarity and superiority has sparked suggestions that they have been made by an advanced ancient alien civilization or by coming from the beginning of the universe itself. Being a central part to the plot the "Lost Ships" are intelligent beings with different loyalties and even their own agenda. Kane Blueriver, a "trouble contractor," inherits a "Lost Ship" from his grandmother and from there, he and his sidekick Milly, together with Canal, the ship's computer, journey to find a source of the evil that threatens the universe.