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ketzer    0.622968

tanzende    0.618226

glanz    0.611232

flug    0.609199

flucht    0.606465

geister    0.604161

fliegende    0.601807

erfolg    0.600658

dreizehn    0.600388

impressionen    0.597845

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Christian W. Staudinger In 1980 he moved to his first and still tiny painting-studio in Berlin. He worked initially self-taught and was again, as in childhood, a bookworm. In 1981, shortly after the beginning of his work in the prison, he at the former so called made a video course and applied thereafter for the first time at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (). Also another application was unsuccessful. In 1983 he founded the publishing company "Zwielicht" and published his two, now resulting volumes of poetry: "Zustände eines Grenzverletzers" and "Über mir bin Es". In the same year he took part first and from there to its end every year at the "Free Berlin Art Exhibition" (in German "FBK") under leadership of – almost without a trace in the World Wide Web, with one exception. He was member of the group of artists "Blindflug" which was led by Norbert Wirth. Later he joined the "FBK" as an individual artist.