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Paul Hodes Hodes was chosen as the Democratic nominee for the Senate seat held by outgoing Senator Judd Gregg, who did not seek re-election. Hodes was defeated by Republican nominee Kelly Ayotte, the former New Hampshire Attorney General. Libertarian Ken Blevens and Independent Chris Booth were also on the ballot.
United States Senate elections, 2010 Three-term incumbent Republican Judd Gregg was re-elected in 2004 with 66%. Gregg did not seek re-election in 2010. The only Democratic candidate was Congressman Paul Hodes of . Republican State Attorney General Kelly Ayotte won the Republican nomination narrowly beating Ovide Lamontagne Self-employed realtor and perennial candidate Kenneth Blevens ran as the Libertarian. Kelly Ayotte won the general election with 60.2% of the vote.
Crawford Goldsby In a signed deposition on January 29, 1912, George Goldsby stated that he was born in Perry County, Alabama on February 22, 1843. His father was Thornton Goldsby of Selma, Alabama and his mother Hester King, a mulatto, who resided on her own place west of Summerfield Road between Selma and Marion, Alabama. George also stated that he had four brothers and two sisters by the same father and mother: Crawford, Abner, Joseph, Blevens, Mary, and Susie.
Kelly Ayotte Ayotte resigned as attorney general on July 7, 2009, to explore a run for U.S. Senate in 2010. The crowded Republican primary field included former congressional and gubernatorial candidate Ovide M. Lamontagne, businessman and owner of NH1 News William Harrison Binnie, and State Representative Tom Alciere. Ayotte had never run for office, but won the primary election on September 14, 2010. In the general election, Ayotte defeated Democratic nominee U.S. Representative Paul Hodes, Libertarian nominee Ken Blevens, and Independent Chris Booth with 60 percent of the vote.
MOLLY National Journalism Prize Hugh Aynesworth, Maurine H. Beasley, Tom Bettag, Mike Blackman, Frederick Blevens, Roy Blount, Jr., Mary Breasted, Robert Bryce, Ken Bunting, Wanda Cash, Carlton Carl, Mike Cochran, Gail Collins, Patrick Cox, Greg Curtis, Joe Cutbirth, Lou Dubose, Ronnie Dugger, Margaret Engel, James Fallows, Doug Foster, Ellen Goodman, Wade Goodwyn, Patti Kilday Hart, Jim Henderson, Steven Isenberg, Melissa Jones, Lewis Lapham, Myra MacPherson, David McHam, Dave McNeely, Kevin Merida, Judith Davidson Moyers, Victor Navasky, Kaye Northcott, Larry Norwood, Karen Olsson, John Pope, Dan Rather, Matt Rothschild, Ben Sargent, Connie Schultz, Robert Siegel, Erna Smith, Glenn Smith, Paul Stekler, Carlton Stowers, Diane Suchetka, Ellen Sweets, Mimi Swartz, Saralee Tiede, Rusty Todd, Calvin Trillin, Jim Willse and John Young.
1900 Alabama Crimson White football team In what was their first meeting since the 1895 season, the Alabama Polytechnic Institute (now known as Auburn University) defeated Alabama 53–5 at Montgomery's Riverside Park. Auburn took a 24–0 lead in the first half on touchdown runs of six-yards from Thomas, 75-yards from F. R. Yarbrough and seven and eight-yards from W. L. Noll. Alabama then scored their only points of the game on a two-yard C. M. Plowman run to make the score 24–5 at the half. Auburn then scored five second half touchdown on runs of seven and eight-yards from Yarbrough, 55-yards from Noll, three-yards from Blevens and on a 25-yard Sloan punt return. The loss brought Alabama's all-time record against Auburn to 1–4.
American Cowslip Ethan Inglebrink (Ronnie Gene Blevens) is an agoraphobic heroin addict who lives in a homogeneous California town where nothing ever happens. A misfit, clad in a powder blue tux, he has convinced his poker buddies, and surrogate moms, Roe (Diane Ladd), Sandy (Cloris Leachman), and Lou Anne (Lin Shaye), that he is diabetic and his needles are for insulin, not heroin. His next-door neighbor is his landlord and former high school football coach Trevor O'Hart (Rip Torn), who wants nothing more than to kick Ethan out on the street. Complicating matters even further is that Ethan's older brother Todd (Val Kilmer), the local sheriff, is convinced that his brother can only be saved by an act of God, and recruits the family priest (Peter Falk) to get the job done. Meanwhile, as the Garden of the Year competition draws near, Ethan becomes convinced that he can take the $10,000 top prize and pay off his delinquent rent if he can just grow the perfect American Cowslip. Little does Ethan realize that salvation may lie not in the money he could win for growing a rare flower, but with the companionship and understanding offered by his 17-year-old neighbor Georgia (Hanna R. Hall), who longs to escape her abusive father (Bruce Dern).
Cesar Chavez Academy The first year students enrolled at Cesar Chavez was in the fall of 1996 in grades K through 3, with slightly over 100 students. The first CCA grade school principal was Dr. Carlos Lopez, who stayed for one year. The first year was particularly difficult as the new board, teachers, students and parents all grappled with the enormous responsibility involved with providing a quality education for the community. Over time additional grades were added to the Cesar Chavez Academy one class at a time until the school eventually outgrew the St. Gabriel location and needed to add grades 6 through 8. In 1998 the Cesar Chavez School Board rented a building off Trumbull and Labrosse to house the establishment of a middle school in a building that once was the headquarters of the Joe Muer restaurant chain. This middle school building location – some five miles away from the grade school necessitated the establishment of bus transportation system between the two campuses. While all agreed that the location was too far away in distance from the grade school, there were no other suitable building locations in the area, and this was the best the Board could do at that time. The first middle school principal was Terry Blevens, who was then followed up by founding school board member Beatrice Esquivel who left the Cesar Chavez Academy Board of Directors to become the middle school principal.