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Eddie Blazonczyk Eddie Blazonczyk was born in Chicago, Illinois to Polish immigrant parents. His album, "Another Polka Celebration" won the 1986 Grammy in the Polka Category. He was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts National Heritage Fellowship in 1998. Before becoming a polka artist, and founding Chicago-based Bel-Aire Records in 1963, Eddie Blazonczyk recorded under the name Eddy Bell for Mercury Records and Lucky Four Records, both labels also based in Chicago. During this period Blazonczyk toured with Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent and Brenda Lee. The records he made for these labels were rockabilly sides, and novelty songs. "The Great Great Pumpkin", released on Lucky Four #1012, is probably the most noteworthy of these recordings. This recording is still occasionally heard around Halloween and is highly sought by record collectors. Lenny LaCour, the owner of Lucky Four Records, encouraged Blazonczyk, at the age of 22, to specialize in polka music, rather than to continue as a rockabilly singer. Blazonczyk has said, "I took his advice, and never regretted it." Blazonczyk retired from performing in 2002. At that time, he turned over responsibility for his band, The Versatones, to his son, Eddie Blazonczyk Jr. The Versatones played their last performance on New Year's Eve, 2011.
Eddie Blazonczyk Eddie Blazonczyk, Sr. (July 12, 1941 – May 21, 2012) was a Grammy award-winning polka musician and founder of the band The Versatones. He was inducted into the International Polka Hall of Fame in 1970. He stopped performing in 2002. Blazonczyk died of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome on May 21, 2012.
Lenny LaCour LaCour is also credited with encouraging the career direction of Eddie Blazonczyk, Grammy Award winner and multiple Grammy nominee for best polka recording. Lacour initially recording Blazonczyk as a rockabilly artist known as Eddie Bell, but encouraged Blazonczyk to return to polka music, at the age of 22. Blazonczyk has said "I took his advice, and never regretted it."
Another Polka Celebration Another Polka Celebration is an album by Eddie Blazonczyk. In 1986, the album won Blazonczyk the Grammy Award for Best Polka Recording.
WPNA While the majority of programming is Polish language talk, they feature polka music on the weekends such as the long running Eddie Blazonczyk Polka Show hosted by Tish Blazonczyk, and the IPA Polka Show sponsored by the International Polka Association.
Steve Popovich Cleveland International Records' roster between 1995 and 2011 included David Allan Coe, Frank Yankovic, Brave Combo, Eddie Blazonczyk, The Singing Nuns, Chas & Dave, Michael Learns to Rock, and Roger Martin.
WRDZ (AM) WTAQ was a brokered time station and was branded "Chicago's Personality Station". The heart of this format was weekend ethnic polka programs, serving the large Eastern European population around Chicago. "Lil Wally" Jagiello, Uncle Henry Cukierka, Chet Schafer, Chet Gulinski, Eddie Blazonczyk, Johnny Hyzny, Eddie Korosa, Eddie Arenz, Art Schlaman, Jim Marwood, John Psczola, and many other polka shows made their home there.
Oh Me, Oh My, Sweet Baby It was later recorded and released as a single by American country music group Diamond Rio. It was released in March 1993 as the second single from their album "Close to the Edge". It peaked at number 5 in the United States, and number 8 in Canada. In 1997, Eddie Blazonczyk and The Versatones released a polka version of the song.
Polka in the United States Polish-American polka can be subdivided into Chicago-style and Eastern-style. The typical Chicago-style polka band includes one or two trumpets, an accordion, a concertina, drums, a bass, and sometimes a clarinet, saxophone, or fiddle. This style is connected to the '50s rock-and-roll era and is sometimes referred to as "push" style because of the intense "bellow-shaking" of the accordion. A secondary style of Chicago-style polka music is referred to as "honky" style; this consists of a trumpet, clarinet (doubling on saxophone), concertina or accordion, upright bass (or bass guitar), & drums. It is performed in a dixieland style, and sung primarily in the Polish language. Most polka artists add a piano on recordings for embellishment. The modern giants of Chicago-style are Lenny Gomulka and the late Eddie Blazonczyk. Both were highly influenced by the style of Li'l Wally Jagiello, a polka performer of an earlier generation. Another influential early pioneer of Chicago-style polkas was Marion Lush who has been called the "Golden Voice" of polkas due to his distinctive vocal stylings. (Lush died in 1993.) Blazonczyk was the leader of a band called the Versatones, who released over 50 albums. (Blazonczyk died in 2012.) Gomulka was a member of the Versatones until 1980 when he formed his own band, the Chicago Push. Some other popular modern Chicago-style polka bands include Crusade, the Polka Family, the Dynatones, and Toledo Polka Motion. In important venue for live performances of polka music was Club 505 at 13505 S Brainard Ave in the Hegewisch neighborhood on the Southeast side of Chicago. A live broadcast from Club 505 from 1959 can be heard on youtube.
Slovenian-style polka Other notable musicians include Willie Verant, Slavko Avsenik, Louis Bashell, Eddie Blazonczyk, Tom Brusky,Louis Spehek, The Chardon Polka Band, Frankie Mullec, Georgie Cook,Joe Kusar, Pete Sokach, Bob Timko, Eddie Platt, Lou Sadar, Paul Yanchar, Mirk Yama, Jim Medves, Adolph Srnick, Johnny Kafer, Tony Vadnal, Richie Vadnal, Frankie Vadnal, Joe Stradiot, Bill Srnick, Frank Mahnic, Verne Meisner, Steve Meisner, Frankie Zeitz, Eddie Adamic, The Polka Maestre-Canada, Joe Luzar, Lou Luzar, Ray Champa, Eddie Bucar, Al Tercek, Walter Ostanek, Dick Flaisman, Frankie Kramer, Louie Bajc, Joe Sodja (banjoist), Dick Sodja, Al Markic, Eddie Kenik, Chester Budny, Jake Zagger, Frankie Spetich, Johnny Spetich, Dwight Gobely, George Staiduhar, Art Perko, Jeff Pecon, Johnny Pecon Jr., Ralph Delligatti, Joey Miskulin, Willie Strah, Dave Wolnik, Eddie Rodick, Don Wojtila, Dan Wojtila, Dave Skrajner, Al Bambic, Jerry Suhar, Bob Kravos, Norm Kobal, John Gerl, Denny Bucar, Frank Okicki, Ron Sluga, Jack Ponikvar, Marty Sintic, Mark Habat, Wayne Habat, Stan Blout, Tony Jalovec-Polka Maestre, Joe Fedorchak, Bob Bacha, Gaylord Klancnik, Ed Klancnik, Kim Rodick, Terry Skovenski, Phil Srnick, Eddie Rodick III, Frank Yasnowski, Logan Watson, Frankie Spetich Jr., Fred Kuhar, Pete Kuhar, Dave Wretschko, Mikey Dee, Bill Metts ,Jerry Zagar,Lou Hribar,Benzy Rathbone, Bruce Burger, Johnny Borish, Marge Ford, Fred Ziwich, Bob Zolka, Joey Tomsick, Kathy Hlad, Eric Noltkamper, Hank Guzel, Jr., Joe Grkman, Dick Tady, Jack Tady, Brian O'Boyle, Sam Pugliano, Fred Gregorich, Mary Udovich, Josephine Lausche, Anna Vadnal, Frenchy (Frank) Sintic -Sunshine Boys, Jerry "Jazz" Jasinski, Larry Sintic, Frank Svet,and many others.