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Archibald Blaber Blaber made two first-class appearances, both in University matches, for the side - the first in 1890 and the second in 1894. He picked up just one wicket with the ball in 25 overs of batting. Twenty-eight of the twenty-nine runs he scored in first-class cricket came when he was pushed further up the order to bat alongside three-time Test batsman Harry Butt.
Blaber River The Blaber River is a minor river in the Isle of Man.
Archibald Blaber Archibald Blaber (15 December 1867 – 15 May 1905) was an English cricketer who played for Sussex. He was born in Horsted Keynes and died in Cuckfield.
Archibald Blaber Blaber appeared in two games for the Sussex Second XI in 1897.
Blaber River The Blaber River rises on Beary Mountain and runs north by north west before joining the River Neb at the head of Glen Helen.
Redbridge London Borough Council elections The by-election was triggered by the resignation of Councillor Sarah Blaber (Conservative).
F. J. Thwaites According to Ron Blaber (in the Australian Dictionary of Biography) although Thwaites was: "seen by critics as romantic and sentimental, his thirty-one adventure novels—characterized by themes of struggle and redemption—were immensely popular, particularly with lending libraries, and sold more than four million copies. Written in 'tempestuous prose', they were crammed with incident and swung between Australian and exotic settings."
Glen Helen, Isle of Man Today a variety of mature and impressive trees including sequoia, thuja, spruces, Douglas fir, oak, sycamore and beech can be seen. Paths traverse the glen along the rivers Neb and Blaber. Three-quarters of a mile into the glen is the dramatic Rhenass Waterfall.
Chromebook Pixel The Register and PC World saw the Chromebook Pixel as a concept machine, a bid by Google to push its hardware partners into producing more feature-rich devices. When interviewed by the BBC, CCS Insight analyst Geoff Blaber said that "Chromebooks have struggled for relevance", stuck between tablets used largely for entertainment and more functional PCs. The Pixel "won't transform [the Chromebook's] prospects but Google will hope it serves as a flagship device that has a halo effect for the broader portfolio."
Sylvania Electric Products explosion The plant's medical director stated to the press at the time that the employee who died as a result, Oliver Blaber, had succumb to "complications caused by third-degree burns". Blaber's son would later cite the death certificate, which listed "thorium poisoning". The role of radiation was downplayed, especially to assuage fears that a nuclear explosion had occurred. The debris from the explosion was ultimately disposed of in the ocean.