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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for bktb

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Article Example
TransJakarta Corridors The aim is to serve middle and up economy passengers in certain satellite district. Outside TransJakarta lanes, there are no terminals/haltes, although the buses wait for 20 minutes beside a pole with a blue BKTB sign.
TransJakarta Corridors Integrated with Corridor 1 (Blok M-Kota) and Corridor 12 (Pluit-Tanjung Priok). Starting on January 4, 2016, all 6 BKTB buses will be replaced by 20 mid-size buses likes Kopaja buses with the tariff is decreased to Rp 3,500 (from Rp 6,000 previously) same as other TransJakarta Regular buses tariff. The route is also extended to Pantai Indah Kapuk-Waduk Pluit-Monas-Governor Office (Balai Kota).
TransJakarta Corridors In cooperation with other bus operators, TransJakarta has two feeder buses services that continue on the ordinary roads beyond the exclusive bus lanes. There are two services, one called 'City Bus Integration with TransJakarta Bus' (Bus Kota Terintegrasi Bus TransJakarta or BKTB) and the other 'Integrated Border Transit Busway' (Angkutan Perbatasan Terintegrasi Busway or APTB). Since August 1, 2014 TransJakarta stations do not sell non-TransJakarta ticket anymore and feeder bus passengers must buy TransJakarta ticket to enter the stations and also pay for a ticket inside the feeder buses. The buses are equipped with special fold-out stairs that allow passenger to board/alight at either curbside level or the high level platforms.