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rvad    0.833424

lvad    0.801169

lvads    0.786470

vads    0.734400

rvads    0.691245

iabp    0.689376

impella    0.681419

heartware    0.673207

lvadleft    0.670457

iabps    0.670431

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Ventricular assist device VADs are distinct from artificial hearts, which are designed to assume cardiac function, and generally require the removal of the patient's heart. Moreover, VADs are designed to assist either the right ventricle (RVAD) or the left ventricle (LVAD), or to assist both ventricles (BiVAD). The type of ventricular assistance device applied depends upon the type of underlying heart disease, and upon the pulmonary arterial-resistance, which determines the workload of the right ventricle. The left-ventricle assistance device (LVAD) is the most common device applied to a defective heart (as it is sufficient in most cases -the right side of the heart is then often already able to make use of the heavily increased blood flow-), but when the pulmonary arterial-resistance is high, then an (additional) right-ventricle assistance device (RVAD) might be necessary to resolve the problem of cardiac circulation. If both a LVAD and a RVAD is needed a BiVAD is normally used, rather than a separate LVAD and an RVAD.