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Birria Restaurants or street carts that serve birria are known as "birrierias" and exist through Mexico, but especially in Jalisco and its capital, Guadalajara. Birria is an icon of the cultural identity of the "jalisciences" (people of Jalisco) and especially the tapatíos (people of Guadalajara). However, neighboring Mexican states have their own variations of the dish: the "birria estilo Zacatecas" of Zacatecas and the "birria de Colima" of Colima.
Birria Birria() is a Mexican dish from the state of Jalisco. The dish is a spicy stew, traditionally made from goat meat or mutton, but occasionally from beef or chicken. The dish is often served at celebratory occasions, such as weddings and baptisms, and holidays, such as Christmas and Easter. It is also reputed as a hangover remedy. Preparation techniques vary, but the dish is often served with corn tortillas, onion, and lime. Traditionally, the meat is marinated in adobo spices.
Guadalajara One of the main distinguishing dishes is birria. This is goat or lamb meat cooked in a spicy sauce seasoned with chili peppers, ginger, cumin, black pepper, oregano and cloves. The traditional way of preparing birria is to pit roast the meat and spices wrapped in maguey leaves. It is served in bowls with minced onion, limes and tortillas.
Mexican cuisine The cuisine of the states of Jalisco and Colima is noted for dishes, such as birria, chilayo, menudo and pork dishes. Jalisco’s cuisine is known for tequila with the liquor produced only in certain areas allowed to use the name. The cultural and gastronomic center of the area is Guadalajara, an area where both agriculture and cattle raising have thrived. The best-known dish from the area is birria, a stew of goat, beef, mutton or pork with chiles and spices.
Black Ecco Group "Las Ahogadas de Jalisco GORAD" is a concept of Mexican restaurants that are focused in the cuisine from Jalisco. Inside the list of foods you can find The Torta Ahogada, The Birria and the Pozole.