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Biram Dev Songara In 1298, Ala ud din Khilji's Mongol general Ulugh Khan asked permission of Kanhad Dev to march through Jalore to conquer Gujarat and destroy the temple at Somnath. When Kanhad Dev refused a war ensued.[1] In 1299 Ala ud din sacked the temple and broke the Shiva lingam that had been worshipped there. He was carrying the broken pieces back to Delhi when he was attacked and defeated by Kanhad Dev Sonigara's armies. Kanhad Dev's son Biramdev (Viramdev) and trusted general Jaitra Deora were in charge of his army. The broken pieces of the Shiva lingam were recovered. Kanhad had them washed in water from the Ganges river, which was regarded as sacred, and then placed within various Shiva temples in and around Jalore. This story is recounted in the 16th century ballads "Padmanabhama" and "Kanhad Dev".[2]
Sherpur, Ghazipur The village of Sherpur was established by 'Babu Dullah Rai' in the year 1590 A.D. Babu Dullah Rai was great grandson of Kamdev Misir's great grandson Puranmal Rai. As per the genealogical records of Sankrit gotriya 'Sakarwar' clan, the ancestors of Sherpur migrated from 'Fatuhabad' of Fatehpur district to 'Sakaradih' of Zamania Tehsil in Ghazipur district in the year of 1530 A.D. Families of two brothers named 'Kamdev Misir' and 'Dhamdev Misir' moved eastward after the 'battle of Madarpur' and settled at Sakaradih, while third brother Biramdev Misir's family moved in north to some unknown place. Madarpur battle was fought between Mughal general Mir Baqi and an united army of Brahmin zamindars near Kanpur in 1528 A.D. In this battle brahmin warriors fought bravely but got defeated due to use of advanced technology and gun powder by Mughal army. This was the last major resistance in front of advancing mughal army towards east as it has got mentioned in 'Kanyakubja Prabodhini' ;
Meera (1979 film) The story is set around 1580, in the time of King Akbar. Biramdev (Dr Shreeram Lagoo) is the king of Medta, a province in Rajasthan. He has two daughters, Meera (Hema Malini) and Krishna (Vidya Sinha) and a son, Jaimal (Dinesh Thakur). Meera is in deep emotional love with Lord Krishna, so much so that she considers Lord Krishna to be her husband. Akbar (Amjad Khan) is becoming stronger day by day and hence other small provinces are trying to join against him. Medta, in one such political agreement, decides to join hands with Raja Vikramajit (Shammi Kapoor). As a part of this agreement Meera is married (against her wish) to Vikramajit's son, Rana Bhojraj (Vinod Khanna). But even after getting married her love for Lord Krishna remains the same and she follows her own ideals and way of living which are not very acceptable to Bhojraj and his family. One thing leads to another and one day Meera is declared as an outcast and traitor who failed to play a wife's duties towards her husband, a bride's duties towards her family, and a woman's duties towards society. She is jailed and a public trial is ordered to decide her fate. But Meera is still unshakable and her spirituality keeps her going. She is not even afraid of death. Finally she is given a death sentence and is ordered to drink a cup of venom in front of the public.