Top 10 similar words or synonyms for biord

walicke    0.942469

chikugi    0.939631

rahmes    0.927675

rojotte    0.926856

aharinejad    0.925756

dizio    0.925696

sorebo    0.925345

beeckler    0.923554

niefind    0.923035

immunal    0.923029

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for biord

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Article Example
Peder Syv In 1685, Syv published the first grammar of Danish written in Danish (two other Latin grammars of Danish had been published in the preceding decades), named "Grammatica" or "Den Danske Sprog-Kunst" ("The Danish Language-Art") and began preparations for the first dictionary, which however was never finished. The grammar introduced Danish grammatical terminology to replace traditional latinate terms, for example, "navnord" (literally "name-word") replacing Latin "Nomen" and "biord" (literally "by-word") standing for "adverbium".