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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for biggun

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Doc Cox Under the Biggun name, Cox fronts a humorous band that is sometimes billed simply as "Ivor Biggun", or variously "Ivor Biggun and Red-nosed Burglars" or "Ivor Biggun and the Left-handed Wankers". He specialises in double entendre-laden smutty songs. Ivor Biggun has released four albums of bawdy songs (and recorded with Judge Dread and David "Screaming Lord" Sutch), the latest being 2005's "Handling Swollen Goods".
Boy's Life (novel) agrees. There is a shootout that ends when Biggun Blaylock's ammunition turns into
Boy's Life (novel) The Blaylocks, Wade, Donny, Bodean, and Biggun, run the moonshining business in
Chantilly Lace (song) Ivor Biggun, alias Doc Cox, also recorded the song; however, his version exaggerates the lyrics, thereby making them sound vulgar and suggestive.
Frank Crumit Crumit's "Hello My Baby" was extended and recorded by Ivor Biggun in the late 1970s, being one of Biggun's rare "clean" songs.
Doc Cox Ivor Biggun is sometimes compared to or even confused with George Formby, because Cox quite clearly parodies Formby's comic musical style. Biggun's 1987 song "Nobody Does It Like The Ukulele Man" pays homage to Formby.
Wanker "The Winker's Song (Misprint)" by Ivor Biggun is one of many songs about masturbation. It describes the singer: "I'm a wanker, I'm a wanker. And it does me good like it bloody well should", and it reached number 22 in the 1978 UK charts. It was banned by BBC Radio 1 and every national radio and television service.
Doc Cox Robert "Doc" Cox (born 1 July 1946 in Sheffield, West Riding of Yorkshire), also known as Ivor Biggun, is a British musician and former television journalist. He is known for his appearances on the BBC TV programme "That's Life!" from 1982 to 1992 and for four albums of funny, smutty songs. Currently resident in Suffolk, he is active in several pub bands, including the Trembling Wheelbarrows.
The Winker's Song (Misprint) "The Winker's Song (Misprint)", also known as "The Wanker's Song" and "I'm A Wanker", was a British 1978 comedy single. It was written and performed by Doc Cox, under the pseudonym of "Ivor Biggun and the Red Nosed Burglars" and produced by Beggars Banquet Records. The song was released on 2 September 1978. It reached number 22 in the UK Singles Charts despite not being aired on the radio owing to obscenities pertaining to masturbation within the song.
Doc Cox Johnny Rotten selected "The Winker's Song (Misprint)" as his single of the week in 1978 when he was a guest reviewer for "New Musical Express". The single sold well, reaching number 22 in the UK Singles Chart thanks to Rotten's support. However, it was banned by nearly all radio stations due to its explicit lyrics. The single "Bras on 45 (Family Version)", credited to "Ivor Biggun and the D Cups", reached #50 in the UK Singles Chart in 1981 and was on the chart for three weeks.