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Article Example
Bielstein Tunnel During the construction of the Harz Railway the tunnel profile was widened and Braunesumpf station laid out. When the Rübeland Railway was electrified from 1960 to 1965 the tunnel profile had to be widened again. In addition the tunnel was found to be in poor condition so that it was abandoned and the line was relaid further east through a cutting. The tunnel is no longer accessible today.
Sender Bielstein On January 15, 1985 at 6.26 MST as result of too much iceload and great wind-induced stress, one of the upper guys of the mast was torn off. As result the mast bent and cracked 160 metres above ground. Afterwards the rest of the mast collapsed as the falling upper parts destroyed the guys holding its lower parts.
Bielstein Tunnel Some 300 metres southeast of the Otto Ebert Bridge and circa 500 metres southwest of the summit of the "Bielstein" lie the rocks of the "Bielsteinsklippe" (at ca. ).
Sender Bielstein The Sender Bielstein (Transmitter Bielstein) is an FM- and TV-broadcasting facility on the 393 metre high Bielstein mountain in the Forest of Teutoburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Bielstein transmitter, which is property of WDR and used for transmitting its programmes was established in 1951. It used until 1954 a 60 metre tall mast. This mast was replaced in 1954 by a 102 metre tall antenna tower.
Bielstein Tunnel The Bielstein Tunnel () is a disused railway tunnel in Saxony-Anhalt in the Harz Mountains of Central Germany. The tunnel is 465.7 metres long and lies between the zig zag of Michaelstein and Braunesumpf. It belonged to the Erzstufen Railway and, from 1885, to the Harz Railway (today the Rübeland Railway).
Bielstein Tunnel About 100 metres east of the northeastern portal to the Bielstein Tunnel is the Otto Ebert Bridge ("Otto-Ebert-Brücke") (; ), which is a footbridge on the Duke's Way ("Herzogsweg") footpath over the Rübeland Railway line. It is no. 79 in the system of checkpoints in the Harzer Wandernadel hiking system.
Sender Bielstein However this mast was not able to supply the whole area with FM and TV-programmes and so a taller antenna mast was soon planned. Finally in 1968 construction work started for a 298 metre tall guyed steel tube mast.
Sender Bielstein In April 2006 the mast got a new antenna for DVB-T broadcasting, which reduced its height to 290 metres.
Sender Bielstein This mast, which was completed in 1970 enabled a satisfactory supply of FM- and TV-programmes in the area.
Sender Bielstein Already on the afternoon of that day as replacement for the first FM-transmitter which used the mast went on air again, by using a communication tower of Deutsche Telekom as transmission site. Three days later, TV broadcasting was also restored. On Bielstein mountain, one begun immediately building up an 85 metre tall auxiliary transmission mast for transmitting the TV and FM-programmes which were until the collapse radiated from the Bielstei transmission mast.