Top 10 similar words or synonyms for berenicea

ranilia    0.867589

microcyphus    0.867441

isocrinus    0.866829

stenocionops    0.866515

xanthochorus    0.865506

panamurex    0.865256

hypophylla    0.865007

gregorioiscala    0.862938

pachydota    0.861770

pseudozonaria    0.861609

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for berenicea

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Sclerobiont Sclerobionts are collectively known as organisms living in or on any kind of hard substrate (Taylor and Wilson, 2003). A few examples of sclerobionts include "Entobia" borings, "Gastrochaenolites" borings, "Oichnus" borings, "Talpina" borings, serpulids, encrusting oysters, encrusting foraminiferans, "Stomatopora" bryozoans, and "“Berenicea”" bryozoans.