Top 10 similar words or synonyms for berechnung

konstruktion    0.893341

insbesondere    0.890764

optischen    0.887459

einfluss    0.876271

nutzung    0.874696

mittels    0.872392

anwendung    0.870171

elektrischen    0.869682

entwicklung    0.869566

prinzipien    0.867318

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for berechnung

Article Example
Otto Eggert Eggert, O. (1903). Hilfstafel z. Berechnung d. Richtungskoeffizienten f. Koordinatenausgleichungen.
Karl-Rudolf Koch In 1965 Koch was promoted to a doctor-engineer (Dr.-Ing.) with the thesis "Über die gravimetrische Lotabweichungs-Berechnung in begrenzten Gebieten bei lückenhaftem Schwerematerial". Then in 1966 he received the title of Docent (Venia Legendi in Geodesy). His habilioration thesis was “Derivation of Green's Fundamental Formula for any one direction, leading to Integral equations and to Neumann's inverse boundary problem of Potential theory". And from 1967-1968 he was a guest researcher at Ohio State University.
Jürgen Warnatz In 1971, he finished his doctorate of physical chemistry at Göttingen University under Heinz Georg Wagner, having written his doctorate thesis on ""Bestimmung der Geschwindigkeitskonstanten für Reaktionen von Fluoratomen in der Gasphase"" (Identification of velocity constants for fluorine atom reactions in the gas phase). Between 1973 and 1982 he had a scientific staff position at Darmstadt University of Technology (Germany), School of Physical Chemistry and Chemical Technology. In the meantime, he finished his post-doctoral lecturing qualification in 1978 on ""Berechnung der Flammengeschwindigkeit und der Struktur von laminaren Flammen"" (Calculation of flame velocity and structure of laminar flames).
Joseph Epping Eight years later he published "Astronomisches aus Babylon oder das Wissen der Chaldäer über den gestirnten Himmel" (Freiburg im Breisgau, 1889). This work was of importance both from the standpoint of astronomy and chronology. It contains an exposition of the astronomy of the ancient Babylonians, worked out from their Ephemerides of the moon and the planets. This was supplemented by "Die babylonische Berechnung des Neumondes" (Stimmen aus Maria-Laach, Vol. XXXIX, pp. 229–240). He was also the author of a number of articles in the "Zeitschrift für Assyriologie".
Fredrik Vogt Vogt graduated as construction engineer from the Norwegian Institute of Technology in 1914, and as dr. techn. in 1924. His thesis, "Berechnung und Konstruktion des Wasserschlosses", was published in Germany. He was the first doctorate from the NTH. From 1914 to 1918 he worked as engineer for Kincks Vandbygningskontor. From 1918 to 1922 he constructed the Skarfjord hydroelectric plant in Northern Norway. He was appointed at the Norwegian Institute of Technology from 1922, as professor in mechanics from 1931. He published nearly fifty scientific papers in various journals. In 1936 he was elected rector of the institute.