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Benedetto Bonfigli His earliest work was an "Annunciation", originally in the Orfanelli at Perugia. His masterpiece is a series of frescoes in the Palazzo del Consiglio in the same city, which represent the "Lives of St. Louis of Toulouse and St. Herculanus"; they were begun in 1454 and not finished in 1496, in which year Bonfigli's will is dated. An "Adoration of the Magi" (c. 1460) was painted for San Domenico. A Banner ("gonfalone") was painted in 1465 for the brotherhood of San Bernardino, and representing the deeds of their patron saint; another Gonfalone painted for the brotherhood of San Fiorenzo in 1476, in honor of the Virgin, who had been prayed to intercede for the cessation of the plague. He painted a "Virgin of Mercy"' (1478) for the church of the Commenda di Santa Croce; and several others in and around Perugia. He was much influenced by Domenico Veneziano and Pietro della Francesca. He also painted frescoes of "Sant Ercolano and San Ludovico" (1454) for the Palazzo del Consiglio. He died in Perugia.
Benedetto Bonfigli Benedetto Bonfigli (c. 1420 – July 8, 1496) was an Italian painter born in Perugia, and active around Umbria. He is also known as "Buonfiglio". He was the teacher of the painter Pietro Perugino.
Hendrick van den Broeck In 1565 he also worked in the Chapel or Capella dei Priori in the Palazzo dei Priori in Perugia, where he painted a crucifixion and restored the frescoes of Benedetto Bonfigli. He died in Rome.
Fiorenzo di Lorenzo The list of some fifty pictures which modern critics have ascribed to Fiorenzo includes works of such widely varied character that the scholars' suggestions of the masters under whom Fiorenzo is supposed to have studied varies. Pisanello, Verrocchio, Benozzo Gozzoli, Antonio Pollaiuolo, Benedetto Bonfigli, Andrea Mantegna, Francesco Squarcione, Filippo Lippi, Luca Signorelli and Domenico Ghirlandaio have all been mentioned.
Luca Signorelli His first impressions of art seem to originate in Perugia — including the styles of artists such as Benedetto Bonfigli, Fiorenzo di Lorenzo and Pinturicchio. Lazzaro Vasari, the great-grandfather of art historian Giorgio Vasari, was Luca's maternal uncle. According to Giorgio Vasari, Lazzaro had Luca apprenticed to Piero della Francesca. In 1472 the young artist was painting at Arezzo, and in 1474 at Città di Castello. He presented to Lorenzo de' Medici a work which is likely "School of Pan." Janet Ross and her husband Henry discovered the painting in Florence circa 1870 and subsequently sold it to the Kaiser Frederick Museum in Berlin, though it was destroyed by allied bombs in WWII. The painting's subject is almost the same as that which he also painted on the wall of the Petrucci palace in Siena—the principal figures being Pan himself, Olympus, Echo, a man reclining on the ground, and two listening shepherds.