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Beerfelden Beerfelden borders in the north on the community of Mossautal and the town of Erbach, in the east on the communities of Hesseneck and Sensbachtal, in the south on the town of Eberbach (Rhein-Neckar-Kreis in Baden-Württemberg) and the community of Rothenberg and in the west on the community of Wald-Michelbach (Kreis Bergstraße).
Beerfelden Beerfelden’s "Ortsteile" are Olfen, Airlenbach, Beerfelden, Etzean, Falken-Gesäß, Gammelsbach and Hetzbach.
Beerfelden Since 1966, the outlying centre of Olfen has been fostering a partnership with the community of Trévignin in the French department of Savoie.
Beerfelden The "Beerfelder Land" is a tourist region that lies between Beerfelden, the communities of Rothenberg, Sensbachtal and Hesseneck in the "Geo-Naturpark Bergstraße-Odenwald" and which is one of the Odenwald’s most richly forested areas. The "Beerfelder Land" lies at elevations from 200 to 555 m above sea level. Within it is the 626 m-high Katzenbuckel near Waldkatzenbach, which is part of a chain of heights running north-south.
Beerfelden Beerfelden also has the "Zwölf-Röhren-Brunnen" (“Twelve-Pipe Spring”), the source of the river Mümling. It was built in 1810.
Beerfelden Near Beerfelden, on the "Sensbacher Höhe" (heights) is a winter sport area with a ski run and cross-country skiing trails, which are often not groomed, but are nonetheless gridlocked. When the snowfalls come in winter, the winter sport area is opened. On the only ski run can be found one of the Odenwald’s few skilifts. It is 450 m long and reaches 540 m above sea level. Moreover, there are a smaller lift on the slope’s lower reaches, a snowmaking facility, floodlights and a snow grooming vehicle. The heights have a state-championship-standard snowboarding and downhill run.
Beerfelden Beerfelden lies in the Odenwald at elevations from 330 to 540 m. Towards the south stretches the narrow, wooded Gammelsbach Valley, in which are found the Freienstein castle ruins, down to the Neckar.
Beerfelden On 29 April 1810, almost the whole town burnt down. The Grand Duke of Hesse and the Count of Erbach-Fürstenau saw to the relief efforts. The Hessian "Brandassekuratorionskasse" paid out 172,802 Gulden for reconstruction.
Beerfelden Beerfelden (Pronunciation: ˈbeːɐˌfɛldən) is a town in the Odenwald in the Odenwaldkreis (district) in Hesse, Germany, 28 km northeast of Heidelberg. The region around Beerfelden has for tourist reasons been dubbed the "Beerfelder Land".
Beerfelden Beerfelden was enfeoffed to the Lorsch Monastery as early as the 10th century. It had its first documentary mention under the name "Burrifelden" in 1032 in the Lorsch codex.