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pine_marten_martes_martes    0.915226

meles_eurasian_badger_meles    0.909197

nivalis_lr_lc    0.909166

foina_lr_lc    0.906426

meles_lr_lc_genus    0.902293

capreolinae_genus    0.899604

monachus_mediterranean_monk    0.897044

seal_monachus_monachus_cr    0.896344

nivalis_lr_lc_genus    0.893766

genus_raphicerus    0.892429

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Vipera darevskii Very little is known about natural enemies of this viper. Remains of this snake were found in the feces of a beech marten ("Martes foina nehringi").
Naltar Wildlife Sanctuary A small number of Astor markhor ("Capra falconeri falconeri"), an endangered species of wild goat, lives in the reserve. Other large mammals present include the Alpine ibex ("Capra ibex"), the snow leopard ("Panthera uncia"), the brown bear ("Ursus arctos"), the grey wolf ("Lupus lupus"), the red fox ("Vulpes vulpes"), the beech marten ("Martes foina") and the leopard cat ("Prionailurus bengalensis"). About 35 species of bird have been recorded in the sanctuary, including the Brooks's leaf-warbler ("Phylloscopus subviridis").
Mount Ilgaz National Park It is believed that some 30 mammals are found in and around the Ilgaz Mountains. Abundant and all-year-long running streams as well as rich vegetation enable well-matched conditions for the habitat of fauna such as deer ("Cervidae"), roe deer ("Capreolus capreolus"), wild boar ("Sus scrofa"), grey wolf ("Canis lupus"), brown bear ("Ursus arctos"), red fox ("Vulpes vulpes"), wildcat ("Felis silvestris"), lynx, European pine marten ("Martes martes"), beech marten ("Martes foina"), weasel, rabbit, squirrel, hedgehog, mole, bat, European badger ("Meles meles") and European otter ("Lutra lutra"). Studies showed the existence of 617 taxa in and around the national park.
Beech marten The beech marten ("Martes foina"), also known as the stone marten, house marten or white breasted marten, is a species of marten native to much of Europe and Central Asia, though it has established a feral population in North America. It is listed as Least Concern by the IUCN on account of its wide distribution, its large population, and its presence in a number of protected areas. It is superficially similar to the pine marten, but differs from it by its smaller size and habitat preferences. While the pine marten is a forest specialist, the beech marten is a more generalist and adaptable species, occurring in a number of open and forest habitats.
Hunting in Romania Small game furbearers are plentiful in Romania and usually hunted with the aid of dogs and snow tracking. Species include European badger ("Meles meles"), European hare ("Lepus europaeus"), European pine marten ("Martes martes"), beech marten ("Martes foina"), European polecat ("Mustela putorius"), ermine ("Mustela erminea") and weasel ("Mustela nivalis"). A rare animal is the marmot ("Marmota marmota"). Otter ("Lutra lutra") can be found in the Danube Delta and other marshlands, and is hunted in winter, over iced rivers, at the breathing holes and with dogs, tracking through snow. In the same region, European mink ("Mustela lutreola"), muskrat ("Ondatra zibethica"), and raccoon dog ("Nyctereutes procyonoides") may be seen.