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benthopelagic    0.806891

cottidae    0.751275

oceanodromous    0.750419

demersal    0.746831

pleuronectidae    0.745165

sternoptychidae    0.742824

percidae    0.742514

antennariidae    0.742053

mytilidae    0.736761

perciform    0.735334

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for bathydemersal

Article Example
Demersal fish The term "bathydemersal fish" is sometimes used instead of "deep water demersal fish". "Bathydemersal" refers to demersal fish which live at depths greater than 200 metres.
Breviraja nigriventralis The blackbelly skate ("Breviraja nigriventralis") is a bathydemersal species of ray in the Rajidae family. It is found in the western Atlantic Ocean.
Velvet catshark The shark is found in the Western Pacific. It has a depth range of depth range 840 - 855 m, making it bathydemersal.
Microstomus shuntovi Microstomus shuntovi is a flatfish of the family Pleuronectidae. It is a bathydemersal fish that lives on bottoms at depths of between . Its native habitat is the north Pacific.
Himantolophus litoceras Himantolophus litoceras is a species of footballfish, a type of anglerfish. The fish is bathydemersal and has been found at a depth of . It is endemic to the waters surrounding New Zealand.
Deepwater cardinalfish They are found in temperate and tropical oceans throughout the world. They are bathydemersal fishes (inhabiting deep waters close to the sea bed) and have been found at depths of .
Ceratias tentaculatus Ceratias tentaculatus, commonly known as the southern seadevil, is a species of sea devil, a type of anglerfish. The fish is bathydemersal and can be found at depths ranging from . It is endemic to the Southern Ocean.
Caribbean roughshark It occupies water at a range of . At that range, the water temperature is at about 10°C. This means it has a bathydemersal habitat or is a demersal fish.
Bothrocara brunneum The twoline eelpout has been found to have two lateral lines, the only one of its family, and also has a small blunt-ended gill raker. Its dorsal and anal fins are covered in a gelatinous tissue. Twoline eelpouts are bathydemersal (below 650 feet), and can generally be found at a depth between and . They generally average approximately 1327 eggs per batch.
Black hagfish Black hagfish are strictly marine, and are found in the Eastern Pacific from southeastern Alaska to central Baja California, and Mexico. These Bathydemersal fish live in the mesopelagic to abyssal Pacific ocean, near the ocean floor between depths of 103 and 2743 metres.