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kahayan    0.769766

mahakam    0.749131

kapuas    0.742199

citarum    0.708941

sesayap    0.705909

kinabatangan    0.705019

katingan    0.703535

lubuk    0.694497

pangkajene    0.694186

kutai    0.693093

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2012 Liga Amatir Indonesia Second Division All games held at the KONI Field, Batanghari and Tri Lomba Juang Stadium, Jambi City.
South-East Asia campaign of Rajendra Chola I Malaiyur, with "its strong mountain", has been identified with Malayu in today Jambi province in Batanghari river valley, where a strong principality flourished at that time. Other suggestion is the southern part of the Malay peninsula
Padang Roco Inscription The Padang Roco Inscription, in Indonesian Prasasti Padang Roco, is an inscription dated 1286 CE, discovered near the source of Batanghari river, Padangroco temple complex, Nagari Siguntur, Sitiung, Dharmasraya Regency, West Sumatra, Indonesia.
Marzuki Usman Usman was born the fourth of nine children in Mersam, Batanghari, Sumatra in 1943 during the Japanese occupation of Indonesia from a union between his father, H. Usman Abul, of Minangkabau descent and his mother, Cholijah, who was Malayu.
Mauli Mauli is a dynasty of Malay kings that rules "Bhumi Malayu" or Dharmasraya kingdom, centered in Batanghari river system, today Jambi and West Sumatra provinces, Sumatra, circa 11th century to 14th century. Most Mauli kings are Mahayana—Vajrayana Buddhists.
Mauli The dynasty appear almost two centuries after the fall of Sailendra dynasty that ruled Srivijaya, after the Chola invasion in 1025 led by Rajendra from Tamil nadu, India. It seems that the family was once the member of Srivijayan mandala and step into the power to rule the former Srivijayan mandala which includes Sumatra and Malay Peninsula. The dynasty was based on the Batanghari river system, initially centered in Muaro Jambi, and considered as the successor state of Srivijaya. In later period of the kingdom's capital shifted inland upstream of Batanghari to Dharmasraya and later moved further inland to Pagaruyung in present-day West Sumatra province.
Jambi City The total land area of Jambi city is . Jambi City is located at the south-western portion of the Sumatran Basin, a low-lying area in Eastern Sumatra with an altitude of 0 to 60m above sea level. A segment of the Batanghari River, the longest river in Sumatra at , flows through Jambi City.
Dharmasraya The second inscription from Mauli dynasty appear approximately a hundred years later in 1286. The inscription in which the name Dharmasraya and the name of king is Srimat Tribhuwanaraja Mauli Warmadewa appears dates from the 13th century, namely the Padang Roco inscription discovered around the headwaters of Batanghari river (now Dharmasraya Regency in West Sumatera), dated 1286.
Padang Roco Inscription In 1347 Adityawarman moved the statue further uphill to Rambahan site near Langsat River, the source of Batanghari river. He also added inscription inscribed on the back side of the statue, this inscription refer as Amoghapasa inscription dated 1347 CE. While the rectangular base refer as Padang Roco inscription remain in Padang Roco area.
Sundaland The flooding of Sundaland separated species that had once shared the same environment such as the river threadfin ("Polydactylus macrophthalmus", Bleeker 1858), that had once thrived in a river system now called "North Sunda River" or "Molengraaff river". The fish is now found in the Kapuas River on the island of Borneo, and in the Musi and Batanghari rivers in Sumatra.