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Jerzy Bartmiński Jerzy Bartmiński (1939–present) is a Polish linguist and ethnologist.
Jerzy Bartmiński His research interests focus on textology, linguistic axiology, and ethnolinguistics.
Jerzy Bartmiński He has authored over 300 publications and books. One of his recent books (2007), "Linguistic bases of the perception of the world" ("Jezykowe podstawy obrazu swiata"), is considered to be among the most significant Polish publications in the disciplines of the humanities.
Jerzy Bartmiński Jerzy Bartmiński (born 19 September 1939 in Przemyśl to a Polish family of Galicia craftsmen) moved to Lublin in 1956. He studied Polish philology, and in 1971, he earned a PhD, focusing his research on the language of folklore. As a young scholar at UMCS Lublin University together with his wife and children he established one of the first groups of home church Catholic Renewal movement in Poland. In the 1980s, he took part in anti-communist activities as a member of Solidarity and was a University leader of this movement in Lublin. He was repressed after declaration of the Martial law in Poland in 1981. Later, Bartmiński was one of the founders of "Solidarity of Families" movement and foundation, focusing on reactivation of social bonds in post-communist society, support for poor families, and educational support for children.
Jerzy Bartmiński Bartmiński is member of Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, professor of Polish philology at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, Poland. Since 1976 he has been leading the research team now organized as the Department of Textology And Grammar of Contemporary Polish Language. For several years Bartmiński has been the chairman of jury of folklore songs festival in Kazimierz Dolny, one of the biggest events of this kind in Central Europe. Bartmiński is a member of the Polish Language Council.
Wilhelm von Humboldt The reception of Humboldt's work remains problematic in English-speaking countries, despite the work of Langham Brown, Manchester and Underhill (Humboldt, Worldview & Language, 2009), on account of his concept of what he called "Weltansicht", the linguistic worldview, with "Weltanschauung" being translated simply as 'worldview' a term associated with ideologies and cultural mindsets in both German and English. The centrality of distinction in understanding Huimbolt's work was set out by one of the leading contemporary German Humboldt scholars, Jürgen Trabant, in his works in both German and French. Polish linguists, at the Lublin School (see Jerzy Bartmiński) in their research of Humboldt, also stress this distinction between the worldviews of a personal or political kind and the worldview that is implicit in language as a conceptual system.