Top 10 similar words or synonyms for bartie

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for bartie

Article Example
National Horseracing Authority During the five years as an apprentice, the youngsters are given a comprehensive education as well as taught the necessary skills to become a competent rider. The success of the academy is highlighted by the achievements of champion jockeys such as Michael Roberts, Jeffrey Lloyd, Felix Coetzee, Robbie Sham and Bartie Liesher.
Over My Dead Body (play) There, day after day, waited upon by the League's loyal (and even more aged) butler Charters, the pompous Trevor rails against the decline in crime-writing standards, while the more philosophical Dora busies herself with her knitting, and ever-oblivious Bartie dozes in his easy chair, dreaming of murder plots long past.
Over My Dead Body (play) It opened at the Savoy Theatre, London on 20 February 1989 and ran until 19 August 1989, starring Donald Sinden as Trevor Foyle, June Whitfield as Dora Winslow, Frank Middlemass as Bartie Cruikshank, Marc Sinden as Simon Vale, Ken Wynne as Charters, with Paul Ridley, Chris Tranchell and William Sleigh, It was directed by Brian Murray.
Egg Throwing Incident The Egg Throwing Incident occurred on 29 November 1917 in Warwick, Queensland, Australia. An egg was thrown at the Australian Prime Minister Billy Hughes at the Warwick railway station during his campaign for the 1917 plebiscite on conscription. The egg was thrown by Patrick Michael Brosnan, possibly assisted by his brother Bartie Brosnan.
Over My Dead Body (play) Liberties also appear to have been taken with the ages of the play’s protagonists. Though no specific year is given for the play's action, allusions to Xanax, Sylvester Stallone, and the phrase "get your rocks off" set it in the mid-1980s (the time of the play's writing) at the earliest. Yet Trevor and Bartie are described as being in their 70’s, and Dora— though only characterized as being "of advanced years"—is clearly intended to be their contemporary.