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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for barroco

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Article Example
Concierto Barroco After the premier performance of the composition in Estoril, Portugal in 2007, Arnaoudov added for its first recording in 2011 a specially written cadenzas for the virtuoso violinist Mario Hossen and the Orpheus Academy Orchestra of New Bulgarian University.
Baile Barroco Baile Barroco is the second video album by Brazilian singer Daniela Mercury, released in 2006 by the EMI label. It was recorded during Mercury parade on the carnival of Salvador in January 5, 6, 7 and 8, 2005. Released previously only in DVD, but it was available in download audio on "music stores" and "streaming" platforms .
Concierto Barroco Concierto Barroco is a piece of music written in 2007 by the Bulgarian composer Gheorghi Arnaoudov, scored for violin and orchestra.
Concierto Barroco "Concierto Barroco" is a musical mystery, an interpretation of the famous homonymous novel by the Cuban novelist Alejo Carpentier. A composition which takes us to the early 18th-century Christmas holidays and the Carnival of Venice, to an imaginary surrealistic meeting between Vivaldi, Händel, Domenico Scarlatti, and an unnamed Mexican nobleman, along with his servant Felomeno and the ghosts of Wagner and Stravinsky. This peculiar acoustic space is a play of interweaving ornaments, details, gestures, images and voices, floating somewhere between the waters of Tenochtitlan, the silver glimmerings of Taxco and the boundless expanses of the Venetian channels, halls, galleries, graveyards and tiny streets, populated with the never failing wealth of colours, aromas, shadows and rhymes, silhouettes and clamour, forming a complex, ever-changing sound fabric, games of instrumental passages, variations and quasi quotations of unnamed manuscripts from Spanish monasteries, old late-gothic or renaissance masters, the way that I heard and translated them in the meaning of one infinite sound palimpsest.
Barocco Téchiné took the title of his film from the work "Barroco" (1974) written by Severo Sarduy, a Cuban poet and cultural theorist exiled in Paris.
Mariano Picón Salas His studies on "Barroco de Indias" (the term that he coined to talk about the baroque from Hispanic America) are very influential among the general study of Baroque.
San Cristóbal de las Casas The Festival Cervantino Barroco is held each year in the historic center featuring invited artists from various parts of Mexico and abroad. It is held in various forums in the city and includes concerts, plays, exhibitions and conferences.
Carlos Ginzburg He has worked with the art critic Pierre Restany (with whom he developed the concept of "Political Ecology") and with Severo Sarduy who put him near Hokusai in "Barroco", one of the reference's books to "Le Pli" of Gilles Deleuze.
Peñas de San Pedro This is a very reglious place with a parish church honoring Lady of La Esperanza as well as a temple in Barroco style. This settlement is also home to the sanctuary of Christ Crucified Sahuco.
José de Nebra Some of Nebra's zarzuelas, choral works and solo cantatas have been recorded on CD by the Spanish group Al Ayre Español, and other works by Los Músicos de Su Alteza, choral orchestral works by Madrid Barroco