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Barnton Quarry Barnton Quarry is located in Corstorphine Hill, Clermiston, Edinburgh, Scotland. Stone was actively extracted from the quarry until 1914.
Barnton, Cheshire The village can roughly be divided into four parts: the old village which grew northeast-wards from the south west corner; the more up-market properties northwest-wards along and to the west of the main Runcorn Road (A533); the council-built estate to the north west, largely between Townfield Lane and Runcorn Road; and the more modern estates (the largest known as the Locke estate after the builders) to the north and east. The village has no easily identifiable centre with some shops along the Runcorn Road and others by the new Health Centre in Lydyett Lane. There are currently only two pubs, a small number for such a large village and greatly fewer than there were 100 years ago. The parish church is Christ Church in Church Road in the old part of the village; there are also Catholic, Methodist and Pentecostal churches.
Barnton Quarry The military authorities closed the site and in 1983 and transferred ownership to the local Council. The site was subsequently vandalized and damaged by fire.
Barnton F.C. Barnton Football Club is a football club in the village of Barnton, near Northwich, in Cheshire, and participates in the .
Barnton, Edinburgh Barnton is an affluent district of Edinburgh, Scotland, located to the north-west of the city. Part of the area was traditionally known as "Cramond Muir" in reference to the suburb to the north.
Barnton, Cheshire Barnton F.C. were founder members of the Mid Cheshire Football League and now compete in the North-West counties league. The new village hall (the Memorial Hall) is located within the Barnton F.C. ground off Townfield Lane. The village also has a cricket club which is located close to Barnton School which is also in Townfield Lane.
Barnton, Cheshire Barnton became known as "Jam Town" in the late 1800s due to so many people owning and not renting their homes. "People in Barnton eat Jam butties so that they can own not only their own houses, but buy their neighbours too!"
Barnton Quarry The site is now being cleaned and restored with the goal of creating a local Cold War museum and education centre. The project is being undertaken by volunteers, with funding from the owners of "Scotland's Secret Bunker".
Barnton Quarry The site was re-designated as a RSG (Regional Seat of Government) in the early 1960s. The bunker was kept ready to accommodate 400 politicians and civil servants for up to 30 days. It remained operational until the early 1980s. Ownership was transferred to Lothian Regional Council in 1983. The Council sold the site in the late 1980s to a private property developer.
Barnton, Edinburgh It is home to the Royal High School of Edinburgh; Braehead House, a plain Scots Classical house dating from c. 1700; and The Royal Burgess Golfing Society, one of the oldest golf societies in the world. Barnton Quarry, a former stone quarry in the area, is the (now derelict) site of an underground bunker which, in the event of nuclear war, would have served as the regional seat of government for Scotland from 1961 until its abandonment in 1985.