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Elfriede Brüning In 1937 she married Joachim Barckhausen, a writer and editor; their daughter Christiane Barckhausen, born in 1942, also became a writer. Brüning worked as a script evaluator for a film company and with Barckhausen co-wrote the scenario for "Semmelweis – Retter der Mütter", which was filmed by DEFA after the war. She spent the last years of the war on her in-laws' estate in the Magdeburg Börde.
Polykarp Leyser III He married Margaretha Magdalena Barckhausen (1666–1699), daughter of the theologian Hermann Barckhausen (1629–1695) and his wife Magdalena Gesenius († 1677). They had two children, including the theologian, philosopher and historian Polykarp Leyser IV (1690–1728). He later remarried, having two more children with his second wife.
Paul Isenberg He traveled back to Germany in 1869 where he married Beta Margarete Glade (born 1846) before returning to Hawaii. They had six more children: Johannes "John" Carl Isenberg (born September 12, 1870), Heinrich Alexander Isenberg (born January 17, 1872), Julie Maria Pauline (Isenberg) Barckhausen (born November 1876), Clara Margarete (Isenberg) Wendroth (born 1878), Richard Menno Isenberg (born 1880) and Paula Bertha Johanna Isenberg (born 1883).
Innenstadt (Frankfurt am Main) In the following era gradually the weight of the city shifted between the old and the new town, the new town houses of rich citizens were now built in the Neustadt. These served as accommodation for the royal delegations of emperors who held their coronations in the city. The best known city palace was the Palais Thurn und Taxis of 1737 in Große Eschenheimer Straße. A few years prior to this in 1730 the still preserved police headquarters were built in the heart of the Neustadt. On the Zeil, in particular, a number of representative community centres and the palace of Barckhausen developed in the 18th century. The palace was used for three years as an imperial residence due to Wittelsbacher Karl VII's war with Austria preventing him from moving back into his Munich residence.
Walter Caspari Caspari was the son of Albrecht Caspari (1845–1927), a member of the Privy Council of Justice, and Teo Caspari, "née" Barckhausen. Born in Detmold in 1877, Caspari became a cadet of the Prussian Army after graduating high school in 1896, joining the "Infanterie-Regiment von Wittich (3. Kurhessisches) Nr. 83" of the 22nd Division. Between 1900 and 1901 he served in the 5th East Asian Infantry Regiment, fighting in the Boxer Rebellion in China. In 1902, after returning to Germany, he joined the "Infanterie-Regiment Bremen (1. Hanseatisches) Nr. 75". serving in the city of Bremen. During the First World War Caspari served first as a company commander, later commanding a battalion. Promoted to Major, he was awarded the "Pour le Mérite", the Kingdom of Prussia's highest order of merit, on 21 April 1918, a few months prior to the war's end.