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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for barbacoa

Article Example
Barbacoa In the Philippines, the Cebuano dish "balbacua" (also spelled "balbakwa") is also derived from barbacoa. It was introduced during the Spanish colonial era. Unlike Latin American versions, it is a stew made from beef, oxtail, cow feet and skin boiled for several hours until gelatinous and extremely tender.
Barbacoa The meat traditionally comes from the outside cheek of cattle.
Barbacoa The Arawak Indian evidence predates all of the later references of the word, which wrongly claim that the word "barbacoa" comes directly from the mainland Taino Indians, citing the following as a reference that goes into some detail, but cannot account for the Arawak derivation, and never mentions them or the real derivation of "barbacoa" from the word "barbados".
Barbacoa Across the México-Pachuca highway, many barbacoa stands at the road's side serve drivers.
Barbacoa Barbacoa was later adopted into the cuisine of the southwestern United States by way of Texas, which had formerly been a part of northern Mexico. The word transformed in time to "barbecue", as well as many other words related to ranching and Tex-Mex cowboy or vaquero life. Considered a specialty meat, some meat markets only sell barbacoa on weekends or holidays in certain parts of South Texas and in all of Mexico. Barbacoa is also popular in Florida, as many Mexican immigrants living there have introduced this dish. Barbacoa is also well known in Honduras.