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Gao Baorong Gao Baorong (高保融) (920–960) was King of Nanping from 948 to 960, one of the Ten Kingdoms in south-central China.
Fu Baorong Fu Baorong (; born June 3, 1978 in Jilin City, Jilin) is a female Chinese field hockey player who competed at the 2004 Summer Olympics. She finished fourth with the Chinese team in the women's competition. She played all six matches and scored three goals.
Fu Baorong She competed for the Chinese team at the 2008 Olympics Games where the team won the silver medal and at the 2012 Summer Olympics.
Emperor He of Southern Qi Xiao Yan (as Emperor Wu of Liang) initially created Xiao Baorong the Prince of Baling, issuing orders to have a palace built at Gushu (姑孰, in modern Ma'anshan, Anhui) for Xiao Baorong. However, just one day later, on advice of the official Shen Yue, who believed that Xiao Baorong would pose a future threat, Xiao Yan sent messengers to force Xiao Baorong to commit suicide by drinking poisoned wine. Xiao Baorong refused to commit suicide, but indicated that he was willing to be killed, and he got himself drunk. Xiao Yan's messenger Zheng Boqin (鄭伯禽) then killed him. He was buried with honors due an emperor.
Juan Manuel Olivera Olivera played for Shaanxi Baorong during the 2007 Chinese Super League.
Emperor Wu of Liang Xiao Baojuan sent an army commanded by the general Liu Shanyang (劉山陽) against Xiao Yan, but Xiao Yan convinced Xiao Yingzhou (蕭穎冑), the chief of staff of Xiao Baojuan's younger brother Xiao Baorong the Prince of Nankang, who was then governor of Jing Province (荊州, modern central and western Hubei), that Liu was intending to attack both Jing and Yong Province. Xiao Yingzhou therefore entered into an alliance with Xiao Yan, and Xiao Yingzhou surprised and killed Liu, and then declared that his and Xiao Yan's intent was to declare Xiao Baorong emperor, although he did not immediately have Xiao Baorong take imperial title. (Privately, Xiao Yan's staff was distrustful of Xiao Yingzhou and wanted to seize Xiao Baorong by force, but Xiao Yan, not willing to create a division in the coalition at that moment, concentrated on advancing east against Xiao Baojuan rather than to seize Xiao Baorong.)
Du Ping Du Ping (, born 28 February 1978, in Shenyang) is a former Chinese international footballer who predominantly played for Shenyang Jinde and Shaanxi Baorong as a Midfielder.
Gao Conghui In late 948, Gao fell ill, and had his son and deputy military governor Gao Baorong take over the affairs of the state. He died shortly after.
Feng Zhigang Feng Zhigang retired in 2001, then he worked as assistant coach of Wuhan Hongtao K. on 2008, Wuhan Hongtao K quit the Chinese Super League.Feng Zhigang went to worked as assistant coach of Shaanxi Baorong Chanba.
Wang Chi-chen The Hong Kong scholar Wang Baorong called Wang "the most successful Lu Xun translator in the early years" and writes that Wang made "American-English versions of sixteen pieces which are accurate and refined."