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Bambrough Bambrough is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Renford Bambrough John Renford Bambrough (29 April 1926 – 17 January 1999) was a British philosopher. He was fellow of St John's College, Cambridge from 1950-1999, where he held the positions of Dean (1964–1979) and President (1979–1983).
L'Wren Scott A memorial in Utah on April 12, 2014 was led by her brother Randall Bambrough. Bambrough urged people to remember L'Wren "As a wonderful terrific person who was highly talented and had a very large heart and brought the best out in people.” Her estranged, adoptive sister Jan Shane was also in attendance. L'Wren Scott's ashes were buried next to her parents, Ivan and Lula Bambrough, near the family home in Ogden, Utah. A final memorial was held for her friends on May 2, 2014, led by Jagger and Randall Bambrough in New York City.
L'Wren Scott Laura "Luann" Bambrough (April 28, 1964 – March 17, 2014), known professionally as L'Wren Scott, was an American stylist and fashion designer.
L'Wren Scott Scott was named Laura Bambrough by her Mormon adoptive parents, Ivan and Lula Bambrough, who raised her in Roy, Utah, with two siblings, Jan and Randall, also adoptees. Laura was soon nicknamed "Luann". Known for her tall frame, she had already reached in height by the age of twelve, and would eventually grow to . Because of her height, she had to sew her own clothes. She learned clothing construction, and fabric quality starting at the age of twelve. Luann Bambrough graduated from Roy High School in 1982.