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Balthazar Lange He first made his mark while working for the Norwegian State Railways from 1878 to 1881. He mainly designed station buildings in Østfold and Vestfold, including Skoppum, Stokke, Sandefjord, and Porsgrunn. He then returned to Kristiania, having already drawn Uranienborg Church in 1880. In 1894, he gained fame for the dragon style sanatorium at Holmenkollen sanatorium (today known as Holmenkollen Park Hotel). As city architect from 1898 to 1920, he also drew several schools.
Balthazar Lange He was born in Asker as a son of customs treasurer and lieutenant colonel Christopher Andreas Lange (1808–1888) and Anne Birgithe Falsen. He was a maternal grandson of founding father Christian Magnus Falsen, grandnephew of Alexander Lange, first cousin of naval officer Christian Magnus Falsen and Conrad Falsen and first cousin once removed of Christian Christoph Andreas Lange and Jacob Otto Lange.
Balthazar Lange Balthazar Conrad Lange (25 March 1854 - 13 September 1937) was a Norwegian architect.
Balthazar Lange In 1881 in Arendal he married Elise Kløcker (1857–1934). The couple had one daughter and five sons, although not all survived past infancy. His sister Elisabeth Lange married Alfred Sinding-Larsen and had the children Christian Magnus Falsen Sinding-Larsen, Birger Fredrik Sinding-Larsen, Holger Sinding-Larsen and Kristofer Sinding-Larsen.
Eidanger Station Eidanger Station () is a disused railway station at Eidanger in Porsgrunn, Norway. Located at the intersection of the Bratsberg Line, Brevik Line and Vestfold Line, it is located from Oslo. The station buildings were designed by Balthazar Lange
Dragestil It often featured Norse motifs, such as serpents and dragons, hence its popular appellation. Important proponents in the modern era included Norwegian architects Holm Hansen Munthe and Balthazar Lange.
Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel Holmenkollen Park Hotel is a hotel located in Holmenkollen in Oslo, Norway. Opened as a sanatorium in 1894, it was designed by Balthazar Lange and is regarded as one of the prime examples of dragestil in Norway.
Mysen Station The now demolished original station building was designed by Balthazar Lange, who had the responsibility for all stations along the Eastern Østfold Line. The wooden building is a third-class station and has the same design as many other stations on the line, Kråkstad, Tomter, Slitu, Eidsberg, Gautestad and Ise. Mysen also featured an engine shed and a turntable.
Slitu Station The station, which originally provided a passing loop, was designed by Balthazar Lange and opened on 24 November 1882. The passing loop was demolished in 1969 and the station unmanned. It mostly serves as a park and ride station for commuters from Trøgstad.
Horten Station Horten Station () is a former railway station in Horten, Norway, which was the terminus of the Horten Line and in use between 1881 and 1967. The station was designed in Swiss chalet style by Balthazar Lange and was wedged between the town and the Oslofjord. It was located from Oslo.