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Article Example
Sportivo Balcarce Other sports practised at the club includes gymnastics, taekwondo and swimming.
Sportivo Balcarce Having been founded in 1919, the football squad promoted to the first division of Argentine football league system in 1925, as División Intermedia champion. The club debuted in Primera División in 1926, finishing in the 4th. position. Over 17 matches played, the squad won 10 with 4 games lost. Sportivo Balcarce scored 29 goals and conceded 19.
Sportivo Balcarce Nevertheless, the institution continued its activities, focusing on youth and amateur levels. The club has been active to present days.
Balcarce Partido Balcarce Partido is a partido of Buenos Aires Province in Argentina.
Balcarce Partido Balcarce is home to Argentina's National Institute of Agricultural Technology, (Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Agropecuaria or INTA) and the faculty of agrarian sciences (Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias de la Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata).
Sportivo Balcarce Club Sportivo Balcarce, or simply "Sportivo Balcarce", is an Argentine sports club located in Florida, Buenos Aires. Although other disciplines are held in the club, Football was the most predominant sport while the senior squad was affiliated to the Argentine Football Association in the 1920s and 1930s.
Sportivo Balcarce Despite its good performance in the tournament, Sportivo Balcarce was relegated to the Primera B (second division) when both leagues, official "Asociación Argentina de Football" and dissident "Asociación Amateurs de Football" merged to form a unique league in 1927. The other teams relegated were Alvear, Argentino de Banfield, Boca Alumni, Del Plata, General San Martín, Palermo, Progresista, Dock Sud, Sportsman and Universal.
Sportivo Balcarce In the 1927 championship, Sportivo Balcarce did not a good campaign, finishing 10th. of 18. In 1931, Sportivo Balcarce won its only official title, the Copa de Competencia Jockey Club, after beating Defensores de Belgrano by 4–1 in the second leg final.
Balcarce Partido The partido is named after Antonio González de Balcarce (1774-1819), an Argentine military commander, governor of Buenos Aires and Supreme Director (president) of Argentina in 1816.
Balcarce Partido The provincial subdivision has a population of 42,040 inhabitants in an area of 4,120 km² (1,591 sq mi), and its capital city is Balcarce, which is located around from Buenos Aires.