Top 10 similar words or synonyms for baekkelagets

chimistul    0.820138

medvedi    0.796154

kadetten    0.784690

byasen    0.784407

chehovski    0.783049

chekhovskiye    0.770637

anwil    0.767211

nikars    0.767063

metalurg    0.764653

martve    0.762455

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for baekkelagets

Article Example
1994–95 Women's EHF Cup The 1994–95 Women's EHF Cup was the 14th edition of the competition, running from 7 October 1994 to 7 May 1995. 1994 runner-up Debreceni VSC defeated Baekkelagets SK on away goals to become the first Hungarian club to win it. Buxtehuder SV and Slovan Duslo Sala also reached the semifinals.
Norwegian Women's Handball Cup The Norwegian Women's Handball Cup is the premier knockout competition for Norwegian women's handball teams. First held in 1958, it is organized by the Norwegian Handball Federation, and its champion (or runner-up in case of double) qualifies for the Cup Winners' Cup. Larvik HK, which has dominated the competition in recent years, is its most successful team with twelve titles, followed by Skogn IL and Gjerpen IF with five titles and Byåsen HE and Baekkelagets SK with four.