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bonome    0.788899

grivennikov    0.785563

wathlet    0.785256

bejon    0.783693

dyrskjot    0.782929

dubovi    0.782723

arking    0.780307

njiti    0.779734

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Péter Bácsi At the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, Bacsi got injured in the second preliminary match of the 74 kg class, losing to Aleksandr Kazakevič.
Péter Bácsi Bacsi made his international debut at the 2008 Summer Olympics, where he competed in the 74 kg class. He first defeated United States' T.C. Dantzler, Armenia's Arsen Julfalakyan, and Russia's Varteres Samourgachev in the preliminary rounds, before losing out to Georgia's Manuchar Kvirkvelia in the semi-finals, by a technical fall. Because his opponent advanced further into the final match, Bacsi automatically qualified for the bronze medal bout, where he was defeated by France's Christophe Guénot, with a classification score of 1–3.
Stefan Fejes By 1920, he was free again, flying a mock dogfight against Johann Risztics in the Budapest Air Show on 7 November. By 1928, he was an instructor at a clandestine training center for the Hungarian Air Force at Szombathely, where students fondly nicknamed him "Fejes Bacsi", or "Uncle Fejes" because of his genial gentlemanly manner.
Aleksandr Kazakevič At the 2012 Summer Olympics, he moved up in weight class to middleweight (74 kg). He beat Peter Bacsi in his first match and Robert Rosengren in the quarterfinal before losing to Roman Vlasov in the semi-final. Because the person who beat him reached the final he was entered into the bronze medal repechage. In the repechage he beat Mark Madsen to win his bronze medal.