Top 10 similar words or synonyms for awed

mesmerized    0.830411

entranced    0.814688

enthralled    0.801291

humbled    0.789340

astounded    0.781362

awestruck    0.767736

mesmerised    0.765276

enraptured    0.764026

unnerved    0.762884

overawed    0.758876

Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for awed

Article Example
Duino Elegies and we are so awed because it serenely disdains to annihilate us."
Uncle Remus Mark Twain read the Uncle Remus stories to his children, who were awed to meet Harris himself. In his "Autobiography" Twain describes Harris thus:
Tboli language Final stress is the norm in Tboli rootwords; however the stress shifts to the previous syllable if the final vowel is a schwa. (Awed et al. 2004)
Pathrakaliamman Temple Head cutting goats will immolate on front of Pathrakaliamman idol and the neck punching sheep will immolate on sudalai mada swamy idol. After the event, biggest devotion will start among died sheep and goats body with blood in the temple. Finally the 7 days kappu person's awed fast will be end on end of the devotion. Peoples also will have to end the awed abstinence in Puthiamputhur.
What Do You Know, Deutschland? Vincent Jeffries of Allmusic said many of the songs lack the "guitar fury" of later releases, but that the album as a whole "has enough industrial grit to keep KMFDM fans interested in, if not awed by its dark intentions".
Tboli language Awed, Underwood, and Van Wynen (2004) observe impressionistically there is a very short schwa pronounced in between the consonant cluster. However, these consonant clusters have not yet been analyzed acoustically.
The Phantom of the Opera (miniseries) Christine sings at that night's performance of "Faust". Erik hears her and forces himself up to Box Five. He begins singing with her. Christine and the Phantom sing to each other with such passion that the audience is awed.
Australia: The Story of Us Channel Seven's showrunner Chris Thorburn said; "I want the audience to be surprised, proud, entertained and awed; to walk away with a view of where we have come from and to see our story in a new light".
Wax Mannequin and "Rheostatics via Savatage". Carl Wilson of "The Globe and Mail" noted that "crowds are often baffled whether to be awed, irritated or amused by Wax's all-rockets-flaring, un-Canadian-like extravagant performances" (2004).
Minoru Onoda Awed by manufacturing concepts of repetition and quantity, he chose amalgamations of gradually-sized dots on panel with relief, creating organically-growing shapes, progressing to infinite circles and finally monochrome painting where the edge matters.