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coone    0.756536

zatox    0.727154

wildstylez    0.725387

atmozfears    0.716985

gesaffelstein    0.704702

brillz    0.703223

machinedrum    0.701579

dirtyphonics    0.699959

brodinski    0.698960

snowgoons    0.696548

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Article Example
2010s in music Hardstyle has become more mainstream in Australia, with events, such as "Defqon 1," HSU, Powerhouse Events & "IQON," by Q-dance. Australian hardstyle players have been Code Black, Toneshifterz, Audiofreq, Kamikaze, NitrouZ, and HSB.
HARD with STYLE HARD with STYLE is a Dutch hardstyle record label founded in 2011 by Headhunterz. HARD with STYLE has a few artists like Mekanikal, Rebourne, Audiofreq and Crystal Lake. At the beginning, Headhunterz made pocasts under this name HARD with STYLE. It quickly became the one of the most popular electronic music podcasts. Until October 2013 Headhunterz released his first release, The Leaked EP via HARD with STYLE. Now, they make podcasts with other hardstyle artists and make songs under 'HARD with STYLE Origins' via this record label.
Code Black (DJ) As a member of the act Bioweapon, along with Audiofreq, he travelled all around the world. Finding success in the Netherlands, he began a solo career stopping his duo act in 2011. His initial claim to fame was with "Red Planet" in 2011 and "Can't Hold Me Back" in 2012. He played at various events including Mysteryland, Tomorrowland, HardBass, Decibel, Euphoria and during the Defqon.1 music festival held in The Netherlands and Australia. He produces and plays the more euphoric but also the more raw styles. He releases his materials mainly on Fusion Records and on WE R labels. His single "Brighter Day" in 2013 reached number 28 on the Dutch Dance Chart.
Headhunterz Headhunterz first release for 2014, "Breakout", is his first collaboration with Australian Hardstyle artist, Audiofreq and was released in March. In the Spring of 2014, Rebergen announced he was working with Breda Duo, W&W. Rebergen then released 'Shocker' a 132 BPM track with Hardstyle kicks and synths and choppy vocals faced with W&W's image of house. When W&W performed at Tomorrowland they brought Headhunterz as a guest and they played Shocker and premiered another song. The other song was released in November 2014 and the title was called 'We Control the Sound.' The message in We Control the Sound states "There is nothing wrong with your sound system. Do Not Attempt to adjust the Volume." In late December, The Worlds #1 DJ Hardwell announced he would be working on a track with Rebergen for his album "United We Are" the track was called "Nothing Can Hold Us Down". The track also featured Dutch vocalist Haris, and the track ended with Hardstyle Kicks and a 138 BPM variation on the drop. Rebergen announced he was also working with Rotterdam Deep House artist, Oliver Heldens. Rebergen is currently in the studio with Dyro which fans name their track 'Cyborg'. Beside this he premiered a new solo track on Slam fm radio show "Bij Igmar".