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Article Example
Attap dwelling An attap dwelling is traditional housing found in the kampongs of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Named after the attap palm, which provides the wattle for the walls, and the leaves with which their roofs are thatched, these dwellings can range from huts to substantial houses. Until the nineteenth century even significant public buildings such as temples were built in this manner. The attap dwelling was used as the inspiration for the natural cross ventilation system for Newtown Suites, by WOHA Architects, Singapore.
Asia e University Asia e University is a private university in Malaysia. It is located in Kampung Attap, Kuala Lumpur.
Booty Edwards & Partners The building stands on a site of 17,000 square feet, and is bounded on one side by Suleiman Road and on two sides by Kampung Attap Road.
Penang High Court In 1809, the Supreme Court of Penang was shifted a short distance away to its current grounds at Light Street. The original court building was of wooden construction, topped by an attap roof.
Chai Chee A 1971 article in The New Nation described Kampong Chai Chee as a large village spread over several hills and valleys. It consisted of mostly attap houses among tall coconut palms, set back off dusty roads.
Chinatown, Kuching In the present day, several families staying in Main Bazaar still pursue tin-smithing, carpentry and petty trading while majority of the shops here are antique and handicraft shops with a few coffee shops. Several notable outlets in Main Bazaar are: Native Arts, Nelson’s Gallery, Rainforest, Sarawak House, Atelier Gallery and Arts of Asia. Carpenter Street is lying parallel to Main Bazaar. The street is considered backstreet to the Main Bazaar. The street was formerly known as "Attap Street" (亚答街) because shophouses there were once covered by attap dwellings. There were also carpenters working in their workshops here, thus giving the street its name.
Pagoda Street Pagoda Street was named after the pagoda-like "gopuram" of Sri Mariamman Temple, the largest and oldest Hindu temple in Singapore, located on the South Bridge Road end of the street. This temple was originally built in 1827 of "attap" and wood. The present structure was erected in 1843 and has been altered and renovated several times since.
Nypa fruticans Young shoots are also edible and the flower petals can be infused to make an aromatic tisane. "Attap chee" () ("chee" meaning "seed" in several Chinese dialects) is a name for the immature fruits—sweet, translucent, gelatinous balls used as a dessert ingredient in Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore.
Suffolk House, Penang The original Suffolk House served as Francis Light's residence and has been described as a simple Anglo-Indian Garden House style of timber and attap construction, built within his pepper estate called Suffolk. Light settled in the estate until his death in 1794.
Kota Alam Shah (state constituency) 2016–present: The constituency contains the polling districts of Teluk Pulai Utara, Kampung Attap, Jalan Tengku Kelana, Bukit Istana, Simpang Tujuh, Taman Gembira 1, Taman Selatan 1, Teluk Gadung Besar, Taman Chi Liung, Teluk Pulai Selatan, Taman Selatan 2, Taman Bayu Perdana, Taman Gembira 2.