Top 10 similar words or synonyms for athem

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for athem

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Fahad Ensour Fahad Abdul Karim Mofaddi Abu Al-Athem Ensour was Jordan's Secretary of State for Legal Affairs.
Tartan Army This issue recurred when Scotland played Liechtenstein in September 2010, as their national athem uses the tune of "God Save the Queen". SFA acting chief executive George Peat publicly apologised for a section of the fans jeering the anthem. It was again booed when Scotland played Northern Ireland in the 2011 Nations Cup. The Tartan Army has been a consistent opponent of the concept of a Great Britain team, particularly its participation in the 2012 Olympic Games, due to concerns that such participation would endanger the separate status of Scotland within international football.
Bruno Aveillan Aveillan has also directed a series of commercials for Thermasilk in which he has created and captured a unique dream and poetic world. His spot for Nissan-Infinity "Athem" was presented during the premiere of the 2002 Oscar ceremony. Alongside Martin Scorsese and Oliver Stone, Aveillan has directed four commercials for the launch of the brand Orange. He has worked in collaboration with the Land Artist Nils Udo to create unique visual worlds for the perfume Mahora from Guerlain. In 2006, he also worked with fashion designer Olivier Theyskens for the launch of the new Rochas Fragrance (Starring Model Jessica Stam).
Siddayya Gari Matham Weeping and wailing, he rushed to Kandimallayapalle, but was refused to have the darsan of his guru’s Samadhi. When he decided and attempted to give up his life by yoga, in front of the guru’s Samadhi, athem to open the covering of the Samadhi, came out of the Samadhi and showed him his viswarupam (his original form of Sri Maha Vishnu). He also gave him his silver handstick seal (yoga dandam) and sandals which were denied to his own son, Govindaiah and again entered the Samadhi. Siddaiah returned to Mudumala after taking leave of Govindamma. After some time he attended the burial of Eswaramma, the great saint and granddaughter of Veerabrahmam.
V-3 cannon Six different companies produced satisfactory designs for projectiles, including Krupp and Skoda. Obturation problems were solved by placing a sealing piston between the projectile and the initial propellant charge, which in turn prevented the flash from the charge from getting ahead of the projectile and solved the problem of controlling the initiation of the secondary charges. By the end of May 1944, there were four designs for the 150-mm finned projectile, one manufactured by Fasterstoff (designed by Füstenberg) and three others by Röchling (Cönders), Bochumer (Verein-Haack), and Witkowitz (Athem).
Zakynthos Possibly a student of Kerkyrian composer, Nikolaos Mantzaros (also composer of the Greek national athem), Pavlos Karrer (or Karreris in Greek) (1829–1896) was one of the most representative figures of the Heptanese School of Music and he was also one of the most popular and widely performed composers in 19th-century Greece. He also achieved success in Italy where his first operas and ballets were performed on the stages of the Teatro Carcano and the Teatro alla Canobbiana in Milan. He was first Greek music composer to put forward a collection of vocal works on national subjects, Greek-language libretti and melodies inspired by the folk and urban popular tradition of Greece. More than anyone, Karrer is believed to have attempted the creation of Greek national opera. He was especially influenced by Verdi and the Belcanto. However, over time and like the rest of the Heptanese School of Music, Karrer’s compositional signature became more personal.
Glenn Brenner Brenner's on-air style was to mix humor with sports. He told "The Washington Post", "I'm talking to a group of people who are not that interested in what I have to say. They've proven that statistically. So what I want to do is keep their interest. And the way I can best do that is to relate to them." One of his signature bits included the "Weenie of the Week", in which he poked fun at bombastic professional athletes or unsportsmanlike behavior. When egotistical athletes did things which embarrassed others, Brenner often took them to task during the "Weenie of the Week" segment. In November 1987, Washington Redskins football players Clarence Verdin and Ricky Sanders performed "The Star-Spangled Banner" at Madison Square Garden (forgetting the words and singing off-key) on Veterans Day, Brenner mixed footage of their performance with footage of actress Pia Zadora similarly mangling the national athem at National Basketball Association game. Hundreds of angry fans complained, and Brenner apologized at both the 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. newscasts the next day. But he refused to read an additional statement on the air, and was given a one-day suspension. Jibes at athletes, sports team owners, and others were common during Brenner's career, and yet he was so respected and well-liked that few people ever became angry with him.