Top 10 similar words or synonyms for astronautes

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for astronautes

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Chris Marker In 1959 Marker made the animated film "Les Astronautes" with Walerian Borowczyk. The film was a combination of traditional drawings with still photography. In 1960 Marker made "Description d'un combat", a documentary on the State of Israel which reflects on the country's past and future. The film won the Golden Bear for Best Documentary at the 1961 Berlin Film Festival.
Nathalie Henneberg "Le Chant des Astronautes" [The Astronauts' Song] (1958) dealt with the battle against energy creatures from Algol. "An Premier, Ere Spatiale" [Year 1 Of The Space Era] (1959) was about the first faster-than-light spaceship. Finally, "La Rosée du Soleil" [The Dew Of The Sun] (1959) told the adventures of the four crewmen of a spaceship stranded on an alien world.
Walerian Borowczyk In 1959, Borowczyk emigrated to France and settled in Paris. He worked with Chris Marker for "Les Astronautes". Major works of this period include the stop motion film "Renaissance" (1963), which uses reverse motion to depict various destroyed objects (a prayer book, a stuffed toy, etc.) re-assembling themselves, only to be destroyed again when the last object (a bomb) is complete, and the nightmarish "Jeux des anges" (1964), selected by Terry Gilliam as one of the ten best animated films of all time. In 1967, he directed his first animated feature film, "Théâtre de Monsieur & Madame Kabal: un film dessiné pour les adultes" (Mr. and Mrs. Kabal's Theatre).
Jesse Winchester Winchester began playing guitar in bands while still in high school. He played in Germany during college study abroad and after graduation. Upon arriving in Quebec in 1967, he joined a local band, Les Astronautes. He also began writing songs, which he performed as a solo artist at the Montreal Folk Workshop and at coffeehouses throughout eastern Canada, adding impetus to a revival in folk music that was taking place across Canada. Under the auspices of the Band's Robbie Robertson, another Canadian, Winchester began his recording career in 1970 with a self-titled album released on the Ampex label.
European Astronaut Centre The European Astronaut Centre (EAC) (French: Centre des astronautes européens; CAE), is a centre of the European Space Agency and home of the European Astronaut Corps. It is located in Cologne, Germany, and is subdivided into four separate arms, these being Training, Medicine, Education and PR, and Astronaut Management. It provides training facilities to the European astronauts (including a neutral buoyancy pool), particularly regarding ESA hardware for the ISS such as Columbus and the ATV. The overall European Astronaut Centre organisation is also in charge of the organisation of the training of European astronauts in the centers of other partners, such as the United States (Johnson Space Center), Russia (Star City), Canada (Saint-Hubert) or Japan (Tsukuba).