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Article Example
Morde & Assopra Morde & Assopra () is a Brazilian telenovela that first aired on Rede Globo in 2011.
Eiji Okuda He appeared in the Brazilian soap opera "Morde & Assopra", of 2011, as a scientist in the first chapter.
Nívea Stelmann In 2011, Nivea participated in the novella "Morde & Assopra", from Rede Globo, as Lavinia, a former prostitute.
Totalmente Demais On the penultimate episode, the show obtained 30.8 points in Greater São Paulo, highest viewership rating since "Morde & Assopra" (2011).
Sérgio Marone In 2011, he made his third villain, Marcos, of "Morde & Assopra". This time the character had a more serious villain tone.
Carla Marins Marins is associated with the Movimento Humanos Direitos. In 2011, she left and returned to SBT Globo, where she played the nurse in the telenovela Amanda "Morde & Assopra".
André Bankoff In 2011 played Tiago on the soap opera "Morde & Assopra", this novel marked the return of Andre the Globo Television Network. Was confirmed in the cast of "Saramandaia" in 2013, in which she plays the mudancista Pedro.
Flávia Alessandra In 2011, she returned to the small screen in "Morde & Assopra" portraying to roles: Naomi (a human) and Naomi (a robot). In 2012, she starred in the primetime telenovela "Salve Jorge" playing Érika.
Aquele Beijo Aquele Beijo (English: "That Kiss") is a Brazilian telenovela produced by Rede Globo and exhibited in the schedule of 19 hours. Written by Miguel Falabella, Flávio Marinho and Antonia Pellegrino, and directed by Roberto Talma and Cininha de Paula, its release was the day October 17, 2011, replacing "Morde & Assopra".
Dayenne Mesquita She guest starred in two Rede Globo telenovelas after that, Morde e Assopra in 2010, and A Vida da Gente in 2011. Dayenne Mesquita played the lawyer Stela in the 2012 telenovela Cheias de Charme She played Fernanda in the 2013 telenovela Além do Horizonte.