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Aslian languages The Aslian languages are a family of Austroasiatic languages spoken on the Malay Peninsula. They are the languages of many of the "Orang Asli", the Malay Peninsula's aboriginal inhabitants. The total number of native speakers of Aslian languages is about fifty thousand and all are in danger of extinction. Aslian languages recognized by the Malaysian administration include Kensiu, Kintaq, Jahai, Minriq, Batek, Cheq Wong, Lanoh, Temiar, Semai, Jah Hut, Mah Meri, Semaq Beri, Semelai, and Temoq.
Aslian languages Articulation of laryngeal consonants may be superimposed upon the vowel midway in its articulation, giving the impression of two identical vowels interrupted by the laryngeals.
Aslian languages Nasal infixes are also found in Aslian, especially used as nominalizers of verbal roots.
Aslian languages Only a small group of Orang Asli receive formal education in the Aslian languages. Most of the younger Orang Asli use Malay as the medium of instruction in school. There is currently only a total of 5 schools in the state of Pahang and 2 schools in the state of Perak which teach Aslian languages, due to the lack of qualified teachers and teaching aids, which are still in the process of development.
Aslian languages Aslian words may either be monosyllabic, sesquisyllabic or disyllabic:
Aslian languages Senoic languages set much store by deictic precision. This manifests itself in their elaborate pronominal systems, which make inclusive/exclusive and dual/plural distinctions, and take the trouble to reflect the person and number of the subject by a prefixal concordpronoun on the verb.
Aslian languages Austroasiatic languages have a penchant for encoding semantically complex ideas into unanalyzable, monomorphemic lexemes e.g. Semai "thãʔ" 'to make fun of elders sexually'. Such lexical specificity makes for a proliferation of lexicon.
Aslian languages Lexicon elaboration is particularly great in areas which reflect the interaction of the Aslians with their natural environment (plant and animal nomenclature, swidden agriculture terminology etc.). The greatest single sweller of the Aslian vocabulary is the class of words called "expressive".
Aslian languages All Aslian languages are endangered as they are spoken by a small group of people, with contributing factors including speaker deaths and linguistic assimilation with the Malay community. Some efforts are being made to preserve the Aslian languages in Malaysia. Some radio stations in Malaysia broadcast in Aslian languages for nine hours every day. Other media such as newspapers, magazine-type programs and dramas are broadcast in Aslian languages.
Aslian languages Today, Semai and Temiar, both Senoic languages, have the most speakers, and are the only Aslian languages with over 10,000 speakers.