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Persian literature The most significant essays of this era are Nizami Arudhi Samarqandi's ""Chahār Maqāleh"" as well as Zahiriddin Nasr Muhammad Aufi's anecdote compendium "Jawami ul-Hikayat".
Ragam Thanam Pallavi "Pallavi" has 2 portions to it. The first half of "Pallavi" is an ascending piece of notes "(Purvangam)" and the first half of the "Pallavi mostly" ends at the strike of the beginning of the second half of the "Thalam" cycle or in the beginning of the shortest part of the "Thalam", called the "Arudhi". "Arudhi" is the point of division of the two parts of a "Pallavi". Between the first half of the "Pallavi" and the second half of the "Pallavi" there will be a brief pause called as the "Vishranthi" or resting time which is an extension of the last syllable of the "Purvangam" and then the second portion of the "Pallavi (Uttarangam)" starts.
Ragam Thanam Pallavi The basic style in "Pallavi" rendition is to sing the "Pallavi" in different speeds and "Nadai." In most cases the "Pallavi" is set to Chatushtra "Nadai" meaning each beat carries 4 "matras (units)". So the singer will then sing the "Pallavi" in 3 different speeds, once with each Beat carrying 2 units "(Vilomam)", then 4 units and then 8 units per beat "(Anulomam)". They can also alter the speed of the Tala "(Pratilomam)" and keep the speed of the "Sahityam" constant. Once this is completed then they would sing the "Pallavi" in a different "Nadais" (Mostly "Tisra" Nadai meaning each beat now carries 3 units) i.e. keeping the words and the length of the pallavi constant but change the "nadai" of the "thalam." All this can be done from the start of the pallavi or from the Arudhi. Some singers do this presentation before "Swaraprastharam (Most common practice)." Others alter the speed and "Nadai" during singing "Swaras" and then sing the "Pallavi" such that the position of "Arudhi" remains constant.