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Vladimir Artemov Vladimir Nikolaevich Artemov (, born December 7, 1964) is a former Russian gymnast, Olympic champion and world champion who competed for the Soviet Union.
Vladimir Artemov Artemov competed at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul where he received gold medals in "horizontal bar", "parallel bars", "all-around individual" and "team combined exercises".
Vladimir Artemov Artemov immigrated to the United States in 1990, settling in Pennsylvania. However, he has mistakenly been identified as the father of current US gymnast Alexander (Sasha) Artemev. The two men are not related. Artemov currently lives in San Antonio, TX where he runs a gym with his wife Natalia.
Vladimir Artemov Artemov won a gold medal in "parallel bars" at the 1983 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Budapest, and again at the 1987 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Rotterdam. He has received five silver medals and two bronze medals at the World Gymnastics Championships. He participated on the Soviet teams which won the "team final" in 1985, 1987 and 1989, and finished second in 1983.
Vladimir Artemov Artemov was listed among the USSR top ten athletes of the year in 1988.
Sergei N. Artemov Artemov was a researcher at the Institute of Control Sciences in Moscow from 1978–1980 and since 1980 has been a researcher at the Steklov Mathematical Institute (Moscow) where, in 1988, he completed his Doctor of Sciences degree. He has also been a faculty member at the department of mathematics of Moscow University since 1984, becoming a full professor (1993) as well as the founder and head of a laboratory of logical problems in computer science (1994). Artemov has been an editor for several leading outlets in this area, including the Annals of Pure and Applied Logic and the monograph series Studies in Logic and Foundations of Mathematics. From 1996–2001 he was a professor of mathematics and computer science at Cornell University and since 2001 has been a Distinguished Professor at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York with affiliations in computer science, mathematics, and philosophy. He has also held visiting faculty positions at Stanford University, Universities of Amsterdam, Bern, and Siena, and other academic centers.
Sergei N. Artemov Russian Presidential Fellowship for Outstanding Scientist, 1994
Spinoza Lecture, European Association for Logic, Language and Information, 1999 Clifford Lectures, 2002 Distinguished Lecture in Computer Science, the New York Academy of Sciences, 2002
Gala lecture for the Kurt Goedel Society, Festsaal Rathaus Vienna, 2003
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