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Arrian There are eight extant works (cf. Syvänne, footnote of p. 260). The Indica and the Anabasis are the only works completely extant. The entire remaining are known as "FGrH 156" to designate those collected fragments which exist.
Arrian "History of the Diadochi" or "Events after Alexander" is a work originally of ten books, a commentary on this work was written by Photius (FW Walbank, p. 8).
Arrian Three extant fragments are the "Vatican Palimsest" (of the 10th century AD), PSI 12.1284 (Oxyrhynchus), and the "Gothenburg palimpsest" (of the 10th century also), these possibly stemming originally from Photius.
Arrian Arrian identified the particular means, he makes explicit, of pursuing warfare, as being based on Greek and Macedonian methods, within the work.
Arrian "Friendly conversations with Epictetus" ("Homiliai Epiktetou") is a 12 book work mentioned by Photius in his "Bibliotheca", of which only fragments remain.
Arrian A work of eight books, "Bibliotheca" (via Photius) states it is the fourth to have been written by Arrian.
Arrian Written 136/137 AD (in the 20th year of Hadrian), it is a treatise on Roman cavalry and military tactics, and includes information on the nature, arms and discipline of the phalanx. The "hippika gymnasia" is particularly a concern of Arrian in the writing.
Arrian This work has generally been considered to be in large part a panegyric to Hadrian, written for the occasion of his "vicenallia", although some scholars have argued that its second half may have had practical use.
Arrian The work is based on an earlier exposition made by Xenophon, whom Arrian thought to be the authority on the subject of hunting.
Arrian Arrian of Nicomedia (; ; , possibly "Lucius Flavius Arrianus Xenophon"; Greek "Arrianos") was a Greek historian, public servant, military commander and philosopher of the Roman period.