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Armas Lindgren Armas Lindgren was born in Hämeenlinna on November 28, 1874. He studied architecture in the Polytechnic Institute of Helsinki, from where he graduated in 1897. While being a student he collaborated with Josef Stenbäck and Gustaf Nyström, two well-known Finnish architects. He spent the two following years studying history of art and culture in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. In 1896 he founded with Herman Gesellius and Eliel Saarinen, an architectural firm named Gesellius, Lindgren, and Saarinen. The firm was responsible for the realization of several important projects such as the National Museum of Finland in Helsinki.
Armas Lindgren In 1900 he started working in the Polytechnic Institute as a history of art professor. From 1902 to 1912 he held the position of the artistic director of the higher department of the Central School of Arts and Crafts of Helsinki In 1905 Lindgren departed from Gesellius, Lindgren, and Saarinen and set up his own office.
Armas Lindgren In the 1910s he collaborated closely with Wivi Lönn. They designed together the Uusi ylioppilastalo in 1910, also the convent of korp! Sakala 1911 and the Estonia Theatre in 1912.
Armas Lindgren In 1919 he replaced Gustaf Nyström to the position of the professor of architecture in the Helsinki University of Technology. As a professor he taught and influenced the notable Finnish architect Alvar Aalto.
Armas Lindgren Armas Eliel Lindgren (28 November 1874 – 3 October 1929) was Finnish architect, professor and painter.
Kone- ja Siltarakennus A new separator factory, designed by architects Armas Lindgren and Bertel Liljequist, was built on nearby Haapaniemenkatu in 1916.
Herman Gesellius Gesellius graduated from the Helsinki University of Technology in 1897. In 1896 he founded the architecture firm Gesellius, Lindgren, and Saarinen, with Armas Lindgren and Eliel Saarinen.
Arts and Crafts movement In Finland, an idealistic artists' colony in Helsinki was designed by Herman Gesellius, Armas Lindgren and Eliel Saarinen, who worked in the National Romantic style, akin to the British Gothic Revival.
Vanemuine The theatre was originally located in a building on Jaama street. This building was destroyed in a fire in 1903. A new building, designed by Finnish architect Armas Lindgren, was opened in 1906 in Aia street (now known as Vanemuise street), which is when the theatre became professional. The opening event was led by Mihkel Lüdig.
Korporatsioon Sakala Korp! Sakala's convent house is one of the architectural masterpieces in Tartu, planned by renowned Finnish national architect's Armas Lindgren and Wivi Lönn and completed in 1911. The high ceilings, prominent hall and plenty of space make it ideal for a student corporation.