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Article Example
Pizmonim Significant contributors to this project include Joseph Mosseri, the founder and moderator of the Sephardic Hazzanut Forum, and Morris Arking.
Baqashot David Betesh, coordinator of the Sephardic Pizmonim Project, more recently released the Baqashot from these recordings onto the project's website (link below) for the general Internet public. Dr. Morris Shamah, Joseph Mosseri, and Morris Arking are responsible for putting the recordings together.
American Sign Language grammar Yes/no questions also require non-manual markings. Similar to the non-manual marking for wh- questions, the non-manual cue for yes/no questions include tilting the head and body forward. To distinguish the yes/no question marking from that of wh- questions, the yes/no arking also includes raised eyebrows and widened eyes as well as slightly pursed lips. Unlike wh- questions, yes/no questions do not involve a change of word order, and the non-manual marking must be used over the whole utterance in order for it to be judged as a statement opposed to a question.