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argillaceous    0.802047

cherty    0.777606

packstone    0.776386

sandstone_siltstone    0.772253

claystone    0.771428

bioclastic    0.770073

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grainstone    0.769162

interlayered    0.767574

calcareous_sandstone    0.767151

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Kotcho Formation The Kotcho Formation is composed of green-grey shale, locally bituminous, with thin argillaceous limestone beds or lenses.
Woodbend Group The Formation is composed of crystalline and dolomitized limestone (Cooking Lake Formation) in off-reef areas, bituminous shale and argillaceous limestone, detrital limestone (reef fallout), stromatoporoid calcarenite (Duvernay Formation), gray shale, argillaceous limestone, argillaceous dolomite, crystalline dolomite (Ireton Formation). In reef build-ups, it consists of massive limestone and dolomite with porosity (Leduc Formation).
Duvernay Formation The Duvernay Formation is composed of laminated bituminous shale, calcareous shale and dense argillaceous limestone. Pyrite disseminations are common. Calcarenite and coral rich mudstone are also present.
Winterburn Group The Winterburn Group is composed of silty dolomite, evaporite, argillaceous limestone, red and green siltstone, anhydrite, silty dolomite and siltstone. Pinnacle reefs develop in the Nisku Formation.
Perdrix Formation The Perdrix Formation consists of black, bituminous shales. The upper portion includes nodules and thin nodular beds of argillaceous limestone that increase in frequency upwards and laterally toward the reefs of the Cairn Formation.
Martinsburg Formation The Martinsburg is defined as a gray to dark gray, and infrequently tan and purple shale and slate. Local members of impure sandstone; thin, argillaceous limestone or phyllitic shale are present in the Cumberland Valley and the Lehigh Valley.
Geology of the Iberian Peninsula In the Devonian Period deposition occurred on the western side, with dolomite, argillaceous limestone, marl and shale from the Raneces Complex or La Vid Formation. It is thick and Gedinian to Emsian in age.
McKenzie Formation The McKenzie Formation is a Gray, thin-bedded shale and argillaceous limestone, with interbedded red sandstone and shale in its eastern extents in Maryland. The thickness ranges from 160 to 380 feet.
Vicat They also make "Ciment Prompt" - a fast-setting natural cement, at La Perelle, by burning at moderate temperature an unground argillaceous limestone obtained from an underground mine in the Chartreuse Mountains.
Man on the Hill (MOTH) The Man on the Hill (MOTH) locality of northwestern Canada has fossils that are very well preserved and have had a profound impact on the understanding of vertebrate evolution. The geology of the MOTH locality consists of fine, alternating laminae of light grey argillaceous limestone, or calcareous shale, and dark grey silt to sand-rich calcareous shale, as observed in thin section, and the characterization of the lithology for the vertebrate-bearing strata as an interlaminated argillaceous limestone and calcareous shale. The abundance of cryptic trace fossils and the presence of pyrite suggest that the intra-shelf topographic sag at MOTH had restricted circulation and was generally hypoxic (Zorn et al. 2005).