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Gory Gopela Transport and communications are underdeveloped, and people are transported to and from Kayes by the very few who own vehicles. As of 2006 the commune did not have any landline networks. There are wells in all the main villages although drinking water is under construction. The Malian State Water Department, supported by Eau de Paris, has worked educate and train locals to ensure sustainable access to water and sanitation and awareness of hygiene. In 2001, Eau de Paris proposed to integrate into the project the teaching of children about water development, particularly the schooling of girls. In 2002, Eau de Paris in association with the AESN, ARGF and DNH organised the first water lesson in the all of Mali in Gory. Teachers from Paris have worked together with a Malian primary school manager to organise the water lessons and inform children about the design of water projects. The schooling was recognised by the Malian government and in 2004-2005, and an intergovernmental committee in Mali for Water and Education was established to promote water knowledge in other parts of the country.