Top 10 similar words or synonyms for argani

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Top 30 analogous words or synonyms for argani

Article Example
Agrani Bank In June 2016, Syed Abdul Hamid, the Managing Director of Argani Bank was removed by Bangladesh Bank for providing 7.92 billion taka worth of loans against rules. Deputy Managing Director Mizanur Rahman Khan was arrested by Anti Corruption Commission of Bangladesh.
Cinema of Romania The great comedians of the inter-war Romanian stage, Stroe and Vasilache, managed, with the help of a Romanian engineer, Argani, who had put together a sound device, to produce the only entirely domestic film of the period, titled "Bing-Bang" (1934). As film posters noted, it was a "humorous musical" based on a script by Argani, Stroe and Vasilache; with camerawork by I. Bartok; music by N. Stroe and Vasile Vasilache; musical arrangements by Mihai Constantinescu and Max Halm; and starring N. Stroe, Vasile Vasilache, Nora Piacenti, Grigore Vasiliu Birlic, Titi Botez, C. Calmuschi, Silly Vasiliu, Nutzi Pantazi, Lucica Părvulescu, Richard Rang, Alexandru Brunetti, and Alexandru Giovani. Its premiere took place on 7 February 1935 at the Arpa cinema (inside the Bucharest Cercul Militar).